Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Post-Clip Photo Shoot

This weekend in New Jersey it was over 70 degrees on Sunday, so while I hadn't planned to clip my horse that day, it seemed like the only logical thing to do. What's that saying? Sun's out, clippers out?

Tucker apparently found the day exhausting.  

Ohhhhh. Em. Gee.
So.  Freakin'. Tired.
HOLY CRAP I didn't know the camera was out
HOLD ON I'LL POSE!  There.  How's that?
Yeah, perfect.  You look like a llama bred to a mule.

Yes but I am YOUR llama-mule

P.S. - If you are about to comment about how you don't believe in clipping or you never clip your horse, congratulations. And, respectfully, save it. Most nights I finish my rides between 8:30-9 pm. Waiting around for a horse to dry at that hour in those temps is both unpleasant for me and unhealthy for him. So he's clipped and blanketed and we're both very happy about it, thankyouverymuch.

P.P.S. - My heartfelt congratulations to everyone on surviving the first holiday of the gauntlet. (I, like Tucker, do not like to be spooked, and spent this one at the office/at home.) Just three more to go. All we have to do now is spend all day overcooking a turkey, try to keep our cats from pulling down a tree and destroying the living room, practice our fake smiles for opening presents, and do something with yule tide whatever the hell that is. We can do this.  


  1. Man our first clip was mid-September because it was 97 and everyone looked like a woolly mammoth. I'm surprised you made it as long as you did!

  2. ...there are people that don't believe in clipping or never clip their horse? Interesting.

    I haven't clipped Roger yet because he doesn't really get a thick winter coat and that winter coat hasn't fully grown in yet, but not bc I don't believe in it bc I most certainly do believe in clipping. You do you, girlfriend!

  3. I literally always clip for the same reasons. Sorry I don't have 3 hours a day to be at the barn. Plus, grooming is so much faster etc etc . Clipping FTW

  4. Instead of spending all day over cooking a turkey, spend a little over an hour deep frying the tastiest turkey you ever did find!

  5. Clip for the same reasons and shall be doing so this weekend when the girls start coming in at night!
    I love clipping season & how easy it make everything!!!

  6. I don't clip but that's because I live in Canada (and I don't know how). But I do blanket and ignore those who have other opinions. :)

    Tucker is adorable.

  7. Do people really comment with crap like that? People need to get their own lives. I love clipping. I especially love not having to groom because they're all clean and nice under their blankets.

  8. Tucker is the cutest clipped llama-mule I've ever seen! ;-)

  9. Clipping = very little sweat, easy grooming, quick turnaround at the barn

    People who don't like that obviously don't like puppies and other happy things like that.

  10. ... there are anti-clipping people? Learn something new every day I guess! I'm always tempted to clip my miniature horse because her shedding season is a nightmare, but I've resisted the urge so far. She grows so much hair we have to switch from using her miniature sized halter to a foal sized one. ...in October. Oi!
    Your llama-mule is very photogenic, much more so than mine.


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