Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Things I've Tried to Blog About this Winter

1.  Our Year End results.  Tucker was 4th overall at First Level in ESDCTA and Reserve Champion overall in ECRDA for the year.  I also have to send in for a First Level USDF Rider Achievement Award.  We officially have the first two scores we need for our Bronze Medal.  Good boy.

Such a champion.
2. Amy's training ride on Tucker in November (I know, it's been a while).  I was expecting magic and angels singing from on high.  She did a lovely, tactful job while he made faces and twisted his head around to avoid working and generally embarrassed me.  But his trot extensions were awesome.

3.  How every year the holidays somehow mean that your horse has multiple days off in the dead of winter, and how unfair it is that at this time of year when your horse needs to be ridden the most you have time off work but you have to do family things instead of horse things.  You know, the joy of the holiday season blah blah blah.  (This post was too whiny to publish.)

Me, November - January.
4.  How Ethan and I patched everything up.  I have tried to write this one a few times.  What it boils down to, is that my grandfather gave me good advice.  He said that if I wanted to work things out, I was going to have to give.  As a horse person, this was a familiar concept.  And I started giving, and things worked themselves out.  The End.

He's a smart man.  Also he drinks wine from a mug,
which is where I get it from.
5. I have contemplated blogging about home improvements. But then I realized I'm just not that kind of blogger and I couldn't live with myself if someone googled something about home improvement and landed here. The house is looking really cute though. Highlights include our new DIY black and white stick-on tile kitchen floor, and a revamped $100 Craigslist table and chairs.

6.  A product review of our new Rambo quarter sheet.  I love the shape of it - doesn't interfere with my leg.  It's really pretty, it has a tan plaid on the inside, and it doesn't generate a lot of static electricity which is good cause Tucker doesn't appreciate being "electrocuted."  And it's a great price. Short answer is, I'd recommend it. 

7.  My niece's pony ride 6th birthday party.  I led a pony around, he was an aged gentleman with an itchy face, and a true champ about the whole thing.  As we plodded along I tried to make conversation with the 6-year-olds.  One went like this: "Why is there poop on the ground?"  "Well, who do you think did that?"  "The horses?  But why?"  "Because horses poop outside, just like your dog."  "My dog poops in my kitchen and my mom cleans it up."  "Oh.  Your dog sounds terrible."  I'm not great with kids.

8.  Our last two lessons with Amy (yeah like I said it's been a while).  First we focused on getting him to stop carrying his haunches to the inside (lots of counter-canter), and then we focused on the shoulder fore and shoulder control in general, and now we are working on putting the front end and the back end together and getting the whole horse to bend, and he's going really well.  Or at least, my last ride was great.  It's winter, all bets are off.

9. How I really want a new saddle and how I sat in a Custom Icon Flight and my butt had a total Cinderella glass slipper moment... and then I realized I don't have $5,000.  It's a sad, short story. Maybe I'll start a gofundme.  (Kidding!  Only kidding.)

Hello, lover.
10.  What Tucker has really been up to all winter, which is a lot of bouncing.  I have begun referring to him as the giant kangaroo.  Enjoy:

I blogged about none of these things.  I first fell off the blogging wagon because I started binge watching Sherlock on Netflix (at least I'm honest)... and then it was the holidays... and then nothing but the above bouncing was happening... and then things started getting really bad at my barn and I was getting too depressed about it to even write about my horse... and basically I'm just full of excuses.  Don't listen to me.  

What I'm actually going to blog about this week:

The absolute worst possible experience imaginable at a boarding barn, why I got the heck out of there, and why I would never, ever, recommend that place.  To anyone.  Ever.  In fact I wouldn't let you board a goldfish there for half an hour.

I've missed you guys.  It's nice to write to you again, internet strangers.


  1. Such fancy bouncing! Welcome back!

  2. Dude how does your peel & stick tile look so amazing and I literally blogged about the exact same thing today and have lost most of my remaining sanity from it?

  3. I am glad you are back and glad to hear all is well. I think your house is super cute!!!

  4. Glad you're back. Can't wait to hear the horror story.

  5. Ah yes. I call that flailing. ;-) We do it too, but faster and flatter because training level non-warmblood.

    Seriously glad you're back and if you don't write the boarding post by like tomorrow, I will be invasively messaging you because OMG CANNOT HANDLE SUSPENSE.

  6. Not even an honorable mention. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

    It's good to see you blogging. I miss you both online and in person.

    I LOVE the kitchen floor. Love.

    Come over and drink :) We'd love to see you guys.

    1. Sorry you guys. I ALSO thought about blogging about Dom's dogs. BRB, gotta go over to her house and drink to make up for this oversight.

  7. Nice to "hear" from you. That's some wise advise and I'm glad you were able to patch things up!

  8. Hey stranger! I've had a similar mindset for this winter as well. Glad things w/ you and Ethan worked out. Which is weird to say because I don't even know you or Ethan. But you know, bloggers unite!
    :) can't wait to read about the board situation! sounds like a doozy.

  9. I've missed you too, welcome back!

  10. This Internet Stranger missed you too! Kudos on the cliff notes post - well done (on all of it). Also, no blame for binging on Sherlock, we all did it. :) and WTH are those hops!? crazy boy! <3!

  11. Glad you are back! Sorry to hear you have had a bad boarding situation to deal with but glad other things are going well!

  12. Yay, you're back! I've been missing regular Drama Llama, er Kangaroo, updates. And super happy you were able to work things out with E. I struggle with the whole "would you rather be right or happy" thing. Well duh, right of course ;)

  13. I was wondering how you were doing! Glad to have you back! :D

  14. yay so glad to hear you've been so busy and that things are going well!!! looking forward to hear more about what you're up to these days :D

  15. Sometimes you just need to have a temper tantrum, and then you can canter like a normal horse again. What a silly boy.

  16. Internet stranger missed you too! Seriously I can't talk to kids either


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