Friday, February 26, 2016

Horses as Characters: Why Tucker is Actually Melman the Giraffe

Austen did a hilarious post on why her horse Guinness is actually Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove. While this is not an official blog hop, I felt compelled to do a companion post.

Because Tucker has a spirit animal.  And that spirit animal is Melman the giraffe from the Madagascar movies.

1.  Here is Tucker meeting a new friend over the stall wall:

2.  Here is Tucker in turnout with a new group:

3.  And this is what I see in my rear view mirror when I ship him:

4.  This is Tucker when I ask him to do something he thinks is too hard or he doesn't understand:

5.  They are both prone to hypochondria and believe in the power of acupuncture.

6.  And despite their size, both scare pretty easily.

7.  Sometimes Tucker hits a tree branch in the woods and panics.

8.  When he's really worried he needs to be soothed with many face pets.

9.  He has patented a move that we call "Up Periscope" when he sees something potentially alarming in the distance.


10.  And here are some stills from a recent dressage test.

Extended Trot

Leg yield
Medium Canter
Rein back
Square halt 
Happy Friday, from me and my goofy giraffe horse. 


  1. The giraffe moves at the end are the best. HAHAHAH!

  2. I think this definitely needs to be an unofficial blog hop because this is just super entertaining.

  3. Agree! This is awesome! Up periscope is Murray's fave also.

  4. HAHAHAHA! Everyone needs to do these because they're hilarious!

  5. Bahaha! Love that you made this a blog hop!!! Melman is SO perfect!!

  6. Lol! "Up periscope!" It's perfect lol


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