Monday, February 29, 2016

DQ Morph Mode: Engaged

So, I think I've actually done it.

I'm officially faking it as a DQ well enough that I'm fooling people.

Tucker and I got a lot of good work done this weekend.  I'm getting him more consistent in the contact, although I'm having to ride him a little deeper and rounder than I'd ideally like so I can control the spooking and general freshness.  So fingers crossed he settles a little this week and I can see if I can get the same consistency without keeping him quite so low and deep.  I mean, at some point he's going to need to look where he's going.  (For now I don't really want him to look since he's finding imaginary danger lurking around ever corner.)  But I do like the consistent feeling in my hands and the foamy lips.

But that's not what I'm happy about right now.

On Sunday, we were schooling canter-walk transitions, which are non-existent.  So I was feeling kind of embarrassed by the fact that a nice rider with a lovely little bay horse came in the ring while we were working on them.  Although we had some great moments in the canter itself, there were plenty of horrendous ones too as we struggle-bussed it through the transitions, and I really would have rather not had any witnesses.

When we finally got something approximating a canter-walk transition I let him quit for the day, because he was getting tired.  And while I was grabbing the pitchfork to clean up after ourselves, this other rider called out from across the ring, "Your horse is so pretty!"

Awwww.  I beamed and said thank you.  See?  I had nothing to be so self-conscious about. Coincidentally, I had just seen this on facebook that morning:

From the facebook page Equestrians Rock
We chatted a bit and I explained that he's a hunter that I turned into a dressage horse.  

"Really?!" she said.  "Well he looks really dressage-y!"

"Wow," I said, "I'll take that as a huge compliment, thanks!"

"Have you always ridden dressage then?"  She asked.

Here's where I had to take a second and stare at the ground to cover up my glee.  She thought I was a dressage rider!  You guys!  That means I don't look like a hunter princess in dressage tack anymore! I mean I had a feeling the transition was complete because over the weekend I saw this and felt nothing:

Photo from the HITS facebook page.
And no offense meant, this horse is awesome.
And then I saw this photo series on the Horse Magazine facebook page and had to stare, and stare, and stare.  

Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro.  I'm obsessed.
(Off topic, but there's video too.  And more pretty pictures from the CDI in Jerez, Spain, of this pair and others on The Horse Magazine facebook page and their website.  Can you tell I had a lazy Sunday morning browsing horse stuff on the internet?)

Anyway, I guess I need to start putting rhinestones on everything cause I've officially gone from Princess to Queen.



    Although, I probably stared at that Valegro photo series more than the hunter ones and I'm still DEFINITELY a hunter princess.

  2. Its so nice to get compliments, they are so rare nowadays sadly.

  3. BREAK OUT THE BEDAZZLER!!! It's time for sure! :D

  4. You said engaged and I thought diamond!!! Ya tease! LOL! But equally awesome is your love from DP to DQ! You've done a lot of great work!

  5. Oh you guys are totally for real. You're our role models.

  6. ha yay - you give the rest of us hope!


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