Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Videos from ECRDA Champs

I normally get a serious case of the mopes when I watch myself on video and do a lot of whining about it.  But I'm actually happy with these.  My position still needs revamping (in the stretching up, sitting down, pulling my shoulders back, and getting my elbows in departments), and these tests certainly aren't flawless, but overall it's a pretty smooth picture, and even I (as critical as I am) can see evidence of progress both in how Tucker is going and how I'm riding.

I am most proud of the zig-zag leg yield in the 1-3 test.  We have not scored better than a 5.5 on that all season, and this time it was a 7.5.  It was the focus of our lesson with Amy last time, and I'm so pleased to see how the work in that lesson translated to these results.  

Tucker is getting a much deserved week off this week.  Not for any particular reason, I just realized it's been a very long time since he's had any downtime (over a year).  Not that I'm complaining that he hasn't needed any time off (***NOTE TO UNIVERSE: NOT A CHALLENGE***).  But I figured working straight through for the past year and winning all these big fancy ribbons:

... means he's earned a week of being fuzzy and doing this:

Last night I went out and gave him a good grooming and stuffed his face full of treats.  He did not complain a bit.  


  1. You both look great. Definitely a lot of progress throughout the season.

  2. Love the videos! All those fancy ribbons you have won are well deserved.

  3. seriously nice work on those tests!!! you guys have been putting in the work and hours and it really shows. so many congratulations!


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