Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy National Cat Day!

Lucky for you I have a MILLION pictures of my cat.  His name is Sterling.  I initially met Sterling at one of Tucker's barns.

He and Tucker were really good friends.

Initially dubbed "The Breakup Kitty," I brought him home when I had my heart broken and needed something to cuddle. Over the course of our six years together, he has proven himself to be extremely good at being cuddly and comforting.

He's not like most cats, who wake you up by poking at you until you're too annoyed to keep sleeping. He will stay cuddled up next to you as long as you want to sleep in.  And when you do wake up, he starts purring, because he's just so happy you're awake and he's your cat and you're his human. 

Problem solving is not his greatest asset. Flopping for belly rubs is, however, his principle means of artistic expression. He is not very bright (he forgets who I am if I'm gone too long), but what he lacks in IQ points, he makes up for by being incredibly affectionate. 

Thankfully, things are starting to really look up in my world (more on that later), and I don't think I'm currently in need of a Breakup Kitty, per se.  I am however always going to need cuddles and fluffy belly rubs, and he's got loads to spare.

Everyone should have a cat like Sterling.  He is just the best.  Happy Cat Day! 


  1. omg yesssssss haha happy national cat day! Sterling is freakin adorable and reminds me of my dearly departed (and also a little daft) kitty Silvio :) yay for fluffy belly rubs !!!

  2. My favorite cat quote is "Dogs are in our lives to make us feel like god. Cats are here to remind us that we're not."

  3. What a cool kitty! I have my first-ever cat right now, and it's definitely an interesting experience for a lifelong dog person.

  4. As a housekeeper to a "poke you in the face until you acknowledge me" pygmy puma, I am hella jealous of your Sterling. Although Franklin too loves his belly rubs and cuddles and will purr and snuggle with you once you wake up and salute him as king kitty.


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