Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Product Review: Equibox Equestrian Monograms

So I've been sitting on this one a while, but like Tracy at Fly On Over I am really happy with this product and have to tell you guys about it.  (Also, I need a little more time to sort through my lesson last night, where we focused on the stretchy trot.  Deceptively difficult.)

I recently got a new CO helmet because mine was old, and in addition to that being a safety concern, it was really starting to stink.  In the literal sense.  And of course now that I was getting a new helmet I wanted a monogram for it, because monograms are the best.  Everything in my life would be monogrammed if I could get my act together to get it all embroidered.  But I digress.

First ride in the new helmet was obviously in the indoor
because it was raining and who wants to drench a new helmet on the first ride?
First off, Mallory, who started and runs Equibox, delivers really excellent customer service.  I emailed her with some nit-picky questions and I received a response within minutes.  You see, my last initial is a Q, and that letter can be printed in a number of ways, some of which look like a 2, some of which look like a popsicle, and some of which look like they're depicting something that should not be viewed by minors (Tiffany & Co, I'm looking at you.)  Mallory was happy to send me sample images of my initials so I could be sure that I liked the "Q."  She also told me that I could order the decals in Shimmer Black, which was a new color not on the website yet (it's listed there now), that looks great on tall boots.

I ended up ordering a 1.5" helmet monogram in Gloss Black and 1" tall boot monograms in Shimmer Black. With shipping ($8.13 from Canada to US) my order total was $26.13.  A very affordable splurge! They took about two weeks to arrive, as promised, and came in these cute little envelopes.  

I think it took me less than five minutes to apply them.  I didn't quite get the helmet monogram aligned straight but I don't think anyone would ever notice but me.  If that's the kind of thing that would bug you, maybe use a ruler. Mallory advised me to make sure everything was really clean before applying, so I used a face wipe (which I normally use for the inside of my helmet) to clean my helmet and some tack cleaner spray for my boots.  I pressed down really carefully and used the edge of whatever I had in my trunk to get all the air out and get it smooth before peeling the plastic back off the decal. So easy.

I have to say, I think they look awesome.  

Understated and classy.  
Just the right amount of sparkle.
And they are holding up really well.  There is a tiny edge of the "M" on one boot decal that is starting to peel in one spot after many cleanings over the past 3 months, but I think overall they will stay on.   I'm sure if you are a little more careful than me when cleaning, you won't have that problem (don't be like me).  The helmet decal seems to be on there for good.

Go order yourself some.  Seriously, here's the link.  My only regret is that I ordered a trunk decal from another company and it fell right off.  So I will have to place another order with Mallory at Equibox!


  1. Love monograms. In a rare turn of events, I actually have more monograms right now than I have things to monogram so I need to change that soon!

  2. Very cool!! I'm not much of one for monogramming because I tend to sell everything eventually, but I do keep helmets and boots. Maybe you will convert me yet!

  3. Sooooo glad these turned out beautifully for you! I'm a huge fan of how the shimmer black looks on the velvet helmets, and yours looks amazing.

    Thanks for the great review, too!

  4. Rotfl...that Tiffany Q!!!!!!! Omg!

    1. Someone gave it to me and I tried to wear it for a while but the reaction is always the same. I gave up.

  5. oooh i love the monograms! one day i will get my act together and order some haha. also, is it just me or is charles owen making their logo larger and putting it in more places now than ever before? sheesh chill out CO!! haha

  6. Lmao that Qnecklace does look ridiculous ����

  7. I LOVE Mallory!! She's fantastic and did the same thing for me -- I'm very picky about the "T"


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