Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Friday Already?

Things I planned to post this week:

- Another Riverview trail ride
- A video from my last horse show
- A review of Equibox Equestrian monograms
- A recap of my lesson
- An update on the house

Things I did not post this week:

- All of the above.

BLOGGER FAIL.  I'm the worst.  The good news is, these posts are all half written/awaiting media, so next week should be a much better week around here. Also, my lesson was rescheduled for next Wednesday due to my more-hectic-than-usual schedule this week, so I'll have an Amy lesson to tell you about and I know how much everyone enjoys those.

Sneak preview:

While I haven't been blogging because my week was a bit more hectic than usual, I did squeeze in two pretty awesome rides.  On Tuesday night we worked on getting a consistent connection in the walk trot and canter.  The canter has been getting better and better, but I felt like we were losing a little bit of ground in the walk work (literally and figuratively), and the trot connection comes and goes. So I just started playing around with that and seeing if we could figure out a way to get him to stay in both reins all the time.  With mixed success.

Who doesn't love a blurry cell phone ear shot?
Last night I had a fantastic ride under the lights in our outdoor. We did a whole bunch of lateral work and halt exercises, and then worked on our counter canter, our collected canter and our medium canter. He was focused and willing and did some really, really good work. Some leaping too, but I'm starting to realize that just means we're getting somewhere. His canter has been a lot rounder in general these days, which means it's easier for me to sit in to. And once I'm comfortably sitting I can think about weighting my inside stirrup and lifting my shoulders and carrying my hands and all those other moving pieces.

This is the slobber of a very hard-working dressage beast :)
Lastly, thank you so much for all your kind, sweet, wonderful, caring comments on my last post. Sometimes, when you are feeling crazy/sad/doomed/pathetic, the best possible thing you can here is "omg me too!"  It is nice to know I'm not the only one who gets on my horse like "I'm a mess I can't deal everything is terrible," and the horse is like "just take a deep breath and let's go for a walk and I'll make you feel better about life instantly because I'm the best thing ever." 

You guys are the greatest internet stranger friends a girl could ever ask for, and I so appreciate each and every one of you who keeps clicking these links, even though all I know about some of you is your IP address.  (Mwahahaha.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm blog failing like crazy!!

  2. Looking forward to all your updates and review posts! And glad you've been seeing some good progress in your rides lately. I'm kinda in a weird place too where my horse is moving better and her gaits are getting nicer - but simultaneously we have lost quite a bit of steadiness in the connection... I guess it's just part of the process ?

  3. Queen of blog failing lately. Congrats on the progress :D

  4. It's summer. You're allowed to fail at the blogging. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.


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