Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Adjustments Mean Bareback and Wine Night

Lovely evening with the boys :)


  1. You have a very nice horse. In case you needed reminding ;). Pongo would have launched me into outer space bareback after the chiro! Looks like a super fun evening!

  2. I think Bareback and Wine Night needs to be a weekly occurrence in every barn everywhere!

  3. At my barn in Texas, we had this thing called Adult Beverage Wednesday: basically, the group of us adults would lesson, and then bring wine and cheese and snacks and the frozen margaritas in a pouch and sit around after the lesson and enjoy the sunset with the ponies. Like Heather said, I think ABW should be a nationwide thing. Glad you guys had a great night! :)

    1. I love this! We call it "Tuesday Wine & Pony Club." I feel like somehow we need to make this a nationwide thing. Maybe I'll make a badge?? And we can have hashtags? And hats? And ponies and wine???

  4. Sounds like an awesome night to me!

  5. awww those ponies loff each other!!! sounds like a great night haha


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