Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Riverview Stables July 4th Ride

There may have been mimosas involved.  I love my barn.

Keira, Tucker, Goose, Wowie, Blue, and Callie
Red White and Brew, 2015

Best use of a scrunchie, ever.

So majestic!

Matching ponytails

The best part of horse ownership is dressing them up.  Real life My Little Ponies.

 And there may have been more Goose and Tucker related shenanigans that afternoon...

Have you met my camel?
And my very large dog?
The Goose is loose
Have I mentioned how much I love my barn?


  1. This is awesome. I'm super jealous. I need to find a barn like this in Northern Indiana!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Happy 4th :)

  3. Looks like everyone is having a blast!

  4. your barn looks like such a great group!

  5. Love it! I was so close to dressing Emi up, but I didn't do it.

  6. Yes. Dressing up with barn buddies is awesome. I'm impressed at how much buy in you had. :D

  7. Your barn looks like so much fun..maybe just the mimosas are talking ;)


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