Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Heartwarming Tale of an Unlikely Friendship

So you guys remember Wesley?  Well, since Tucker's turnout buddy Beejay moved home, a spot opened up in Tucker's turnout group (which was probably good because Beejay and Tucker had this adorable habit of chewing on each other that was doing wonders for Tucker's coat).  So Wesley was introduced to Tucker's mini herd over the weekend.

Tucker and Mardi are the best of friends:

And obviously Tucker wanted the same from Wesley.  Which meant that the few first times Wes was in the field, Tucker tried desperately and pathetically to make friends while Wesley speed-walked away from him and gave him the leery side eye.  

Hey man wait up!  Where you goin?  I want to come too!
Dude what is your PROBLEM leave me ALONE.
I know how determined Tucker is about making best friends, though, as I've seen him win over even the most grumpiest of equines.  So while it tugged at my heartstrings, I was not terribly surprised when I arrived this week to find this.

Tucker and Wes, BFF's sharing the same patch of grass
Mommy look he likes me now!
As a side note, the fact that Tucker is such a momma's boy and comes to me as soon as he sees me is very endearing but makes him extremely difficult to photograph.  I have more schnoz pics that I know what to do with.  As a side note on this side note, the dorsal fin is looking really strong in the above photo.


  1. Chloe only comes to me when I have cookies, and I still have to walk most of the way to her. However, this is a huge improvement over spotting me and running away!

    Tucker and Wes are cute pasture buddies!

  2. aw that's kind of precious! my mare is mostly indifferent to the horses around her so long as she can get to her hay or grass lol

  3. Aww, I love it when a horse comes to say hello! Gina comes up because she's convinced it's time to eat (always), but Moe is pretty friendly.

  4. Haha. Courage loves posing dramatically and being famous SLIGHTLY more than he loves cookies. He's seriously one of the easiest horses to photograph, ever.

    That said, he definitely lacks Tucker's social skills.

  5. Pongo comes right to me in a "get me outbid here" sort of, sorry buddy...28 more days of having roomies.

  6. Omg that is too cute. Ries just tries to flirt with everyone because he's clearly a big macho man lol


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