Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

The other thing I learned at Paso shows... Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  Yeah, that's a thing.

So first off this is Nola, and all I can say about this lady is that she is BAD ASS.  Nola runs Ro-No Ranch out in PA.  She's a lot of fun.

On my coolest day, I will never be as cool as Big Red,
wearing a gun holster, getting strapped into her custom fringed chaps.
I know it sounds crazy to those of us mere mortals with horses who do not care for explosions and loud noises, but these riders are good friends of mine (they are a mother and son team) and they are very safety conscious about everything. 

Robbie and Cardillo Sin Par, Nola and Calif de Color Sin Par
As you may have guessed, these horses are excellent mounts and their ears are plugged for protection.  The guns are handled safely and handed off after each run and re-loaded with powder, which is what makes the balloons explode.  

Bad Ass, I tell you.
It's kind of amazing in person.  You can see the camera bounce where I jump when shots are fired.  

The videos are only a few seconds long, but rather than embed them all here I just made a playlist on Tucker's youtube channel.  Enjoy!

Also... I am kind of in love with Calif.  He is so smart and so talented.  This stallion is not only sweet as can be....

... but also incredibly versatile.  He rides, he drives, you name it.  He has National Titles in Western Pleasure, Trail, Versatility, Driving, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Barrels, Pole Bending and more. This guy even performed at the World Equestrian Games and Rolex... which is not something you can say about most horses.  Kind of awesome!

He even packs around wannabe DQ's from time to time (honestly I have never looked dorkier, in jeans and Ethan's helmet, but I was not about to pass up the opportunity, and even though me and the seven year olds were the only ones in helmets all weekend... you know, safety first). 

So pretty.  They need to make him a Breyer model.
So, I loved riding him (sorry Tucker).  Perfect lateral work and canter-halt-canter transitions all day long.  I absolutely love him.  When I first got on he was calling and ignoring me and then he was all business when I started riding.  There is nothing better in this world than a good stallion.

He totally has that selfie disorder though.  Just can't stop when he gets a smartphone in front of him. 

Can you blame him though?


  1. Um.

    I want to do mounted shooting.

    On my OTTB.

    1. I don't see why you shouldn't... it would make for excellent blog material.

  2. Cowboy mounted shooting is so cool. My friend does it with her 5 year old QH. She bought him from North Carolina as a finished mounted shooting horse. Its small but growing in popularity up here in New England. I was surprised to learn the guns are real guns and you have to get a license to carry. I guess I thought they used pop-guns or something! :)

  3. that pic of Nola getting strapped into her chaps is kinda awesome haha. what a fun event!

  4. Been to a mounted shooting, its crazy lol!! Not my cup of tea but that's a ok :)

  5. Thanks for the compliments on Calif! I will agree, he pretty much rocks!! Love your Blog!!

  6. And its Nola, not Rob, lol. Somehow got signed in under his account. :)

    1. Oh hi!! Everybody - there's been a celebrity sighting on the blog - Big Red left me a comment!!


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