Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Boys' First Spring Outing: Baldpate Mountain

The weather is absolutely amazing in New Jersey right now, the kind of warm sunny springtime weather that makes you want to call out sick happy to be alive.

On Saturday, Ethan and I took the boys and our dog Taz to Baldpate Mountain in Hopewell Township, which Dom had recommended last time we saw her, but we had yet to see for ourselves.  

The first little loop that we did is the Copper Hill Trail (in orange on this map, starting from the horse trailer parking area).  It wasn't really an ideal horse trail and had a fairly steep hill that probably hit the limit of Tucker's mountain goat-like abilities (he grunted and huffed and puffed his way up, but was surprisingly sure-footed about it) but it was a short enough trail that it wasn't a big deal.  And probably good exercise for a certain under-utilized hind end!

Next we followed the Ridge Trail, and it was perfect for horses: nice and wide, good footing throughout, and beautiful scenery.  We didn't have time to do the whole thing because we had a party that afternoon, but it was a great ride nonetheless.  I would definitely go back and try to see the whole trail.

The horses (and Taz, of course) were absolutely perfect.  Tucker did not spook at anything and spent pretty much the whole time on the buckle, other than a little bit of impatient dancing when we first got on and Ethan had to look at the trail map.  Mooch was perfect, happy to calmly walk the whole trail despite being a very fit Paso.  I love that we have two very different, but equally fancy in their own right, show horses who are also happy to serve as reliable trail horses on their off weekends.  Not too many people can do that.  

My family
Tucker is basically in love with Mooch.  When he saw him on the trailer he literally dragged me up the ramp.  We're going somewhere fun I just know it!  He lets Mooch rub his face on his chest when he gets itchy. They are just too cute together.

Love you little bro
I'm not much of a kid person but these little girls were so freakin' excited about seeing horses it was kind of cute.  One of them said "I've never been this close to a horse before!"  They thought Tucker was a girl, but I'll forgive them.  He's pretty.

Just going to munch on this bush while mom is distracted...
And, in an unprecedented show of bravery, Tucker offered to take the lead several times.  Most of the time we keep Mooch in front because both boys are happier that way, but for some reason we kept having to re-position them because Tucker would end up ahead.  Is he becoming brave in his old age?

Such a perfect day.  The boys were definitely the best they've ever been, so I'm guessing they enjoyed it as much as we did.  Can every day be like this?

My three favorite boys
My most favoritest bestest cutest caboose dog 
Check out the designated horse trailer parking area!  This is a great place to bring the horses.  Very equine friendly!

The prettiest Paso I know


  1. So awesome! I love trail rides. Definitely a big bonus to have horses that can both show and trail ride sanely!

  2. Gorgeous! A trail ride sounds amazing right now.

  3. Wait...you're in NJ???? Why did I not know about this??

    I'm less than an hour from Hopewell Township. We should totally meet up! :)

    1. Yeah we are! And we love meeting Tucker fans, I mean horsey bloggers, in real life :)

  4. Beautiful day in the Jerz! Looks fun!

  5. what fun! i kinda love running into random kids on the trails - esp when they get super excited about getting to pet my mare. just warms my little heart haha


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