Friday, May 22, 2015

Help for Nepal

So in lieu of what I was going to post today, which was angsty and kind of obnoxiously chock-full of first world problems that included me worrying about when I would find time to get to the liquor store (relax, crisis has been averted), I would like to address a much more substantial need and ask for your help.

My friend Beth is living in Nepal, running Giving Asha, which is a non-profit based in Kathmandu, dedicated to improving the quality of life of economically and socially marginalized women and children in Nepal.  

Beth teaching.
Beth is one of those good-to-her-core kind of souls, caring, giving, altruistic, funny and smart. We became friends mostly because we were once in love with the same dog. (The nice thing about dogs is that two people can love them at the same time without ever creating one of those triangular human relationships that turn ugly real quick.)  Anyway, ever since way-back-when in the Sticky days (that was the dog's name, she had ears that stuck up and her paws smelled like fritos and she was the snuggliest creature and had the happiest yip you've ever heard), Beth has been going to Nepal to teach children and help the community in general.  She has been collecting books to bring with her for as long as I've known her (which is now well over ten years).

Beth is afraid of horses.  Which is funny, because many people in her life in the States own horses and she is probably around them a lot more often than most people who are afraid of them.  There was once a small white pony that she "didn't mind" though.  Despite her feelings on equines, however, Beth has reached out to her horse-loving friends to ask that we consider helping out as the community rebuilds after the earthquake.  Since most of the school buildings were destroyed, they desperately need a way to get reading and learning materials to the children, so that at least some parts of these kids' lives can keep on going as normal.  

Enter the humble and noble donkey!  

I think this might be a mule, actually. But you get the idea.
(I told you, I will convince you all to love these creatures as much as I do.)  Donkeys and mules can get to places other vehicles can't, and bring mobile libraries to children in temporary communities. The best part about these mobile libraries is that they are waterproof, which means they can continue to be transported during monsoon season, which I believe is approaching, and as you can imagine will bring a host of other problems to a region where many families are currently living in tents and other temporary shelters.

Last month I made a small donation, but my little contribution went directly to purchase rice for families whose homes and food supplies were destroyed, not just into some amorphous relief fund, which made me feel good.

Sacks of rice packed for transport.
This month, hopefully with your help, we can support a mobile library or two.  These libraries cost $55, so we aren't talking big bucks here.  Please consider skipping a latte or two this month and helping out this cause.  I promise it's worth it.

Donations can be made through Giving Asha's website, using paypal or a credit card.  Thanks guys.


  1. This is really awesome! Happy to give IF you finish the story about Sticky...what happened?? While I wait I plan to smell my 3 dogs paws...fritos, you say?

    1. Sticky was already an older girl when I loved her, so she's chasing skunks in the sky right now, if I had to guess how she would spend her time in doggie heaven. She was a great dog. Well loved.

    2. Awwww...Sticky, get those skunks! Donation done. Good luck this weekend and have so much fun, cant wait to hear all about it.

    3. Thank you my friend! Show went pretty well - promise I'll blog all about it!


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