Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Tucker!

Today is Tucker's Thirteenth Birthday!  He is officially a teenager.

It is hard to believe that he's been in my life for that many years.  A lot has changed since then.

In the past thirteen years, this horse has seen me through:

Law school, and the Bar Exam, and a lot of related anxiety.  Thank God I had a baby to drive out and visit, which forced me to at least spend a few hours a week outside the library breathing fresh air. Even though I was probably even more broke than your average grad student.

I'm 22 here.  Tucker's fourteen months old.
Four jobs, one of which paid me a lot and offered very little Tucker time. Two of which I hated, and cried to him about, a lot. One of which I mostly like, last week notwithstanding. Once again, thank God I have a horse to provide therapy sessions, even though I'm definitely more broke than your average lawyer.
This photo was taken while I was answering work emails on his back, at HITS. 
Seven failed relationships (I had to count on my fingers).  Tucker met one of them and he bit him.  In hindsight, I should have introduced him to all of them.  He basically introduced me to Ethan, and clearly he is a much better judge of men than I am!

They kiss....
They hug....
In case you can't read Tucker,
this is his "I like this one let's keep him" face.
Five apartments.  Several of which were in the same towns as barns that he's lived in, just never at the same time.  We have both lived in Skillman, Whitehouse, and Stockton.  Never at the same time, because I'm a lunatic. Thirteen years later, I've finally figured out how to keep him fifteen minutes from me.

I have no photos of him in any of my apartments.
But here he is in his traveling clothes.
Nine barns, including our current one.  Wow, we sound like barn-hoppers!  We started at a breeding farm, because he was a baby. Then we moved to a tiny barn to start out. Then we moved to a really fancy barn, because we had a mare and foal in tow and that barn owner was looking for friends for her mare and foal.  Then we moved in with Alicia. Then she moved to an even fancier place that we couldn't afford and we moved to a boarding barn.  We temporarily boarded with a friend. Then we started playing dressage and followed our dressage trainer to Stockton.  Then I realized the drive was slowly killing me and moved him closer to home.  He's had a lot of turnout buddies.

Two disciplines.  We started off in the hunters.  He was pretty good at it most of the time, and I have some impressive ribbons from big shows against good company on my wall, and a really pretty cooler we won in a Hunter Derby.  Although I recently read some of my old posts and realized my anxiety wasn't all in my head.  Sometimes he did kind of scary stuff in that ring all by himself.  No wonder I got kind of burnt out and over it.  

Baby horse did not understand shadows.

Over time he became less impressed.
Now we do dressage, as you may have noticed.

Wow.  Life is crazy.  Damn am I a lucky girl to have my rock, my anchor, and my moral support all rolled into this one great big adorable goofy sweet fabulous package.  

I love you Big Man.  Happy birthday.  And thanks.


  1. Happy Birthday Tucker! I hope it brings you lots of treats!

  2. Love this post! So cool to hear all the stages of your lives and the progressions you both have gone through. I love the story about him biting your ex-boyfriend and picking out Ethan.

    Happy Birthday Big Guy!

  3. Happy Birthday Tucker!! What a fun look back on your years and adventures!!

  4. What a great history you two have! Happy birthday, Tucker!

  5. This is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Tucker!!!

  6. Awww, sweet post. It makes me happy to see long, strong relationships like this. :-)

  7. Y'all have been through so much together! I hope Simon and I can have an enjoyable, successful career like y'all have. Here's to many more :)

  8. This is a beautiful post! Thanks for the history a bit on you guys, I've only known your blog as a dressage blog

  9. Happy birthday to a sweet boy! Great to have a summary of all that history . . .

  10. Happy birthday Tucker! I loved this post. Marissa, I suck at commenting but your blog is among my favorites!

  11. Wonderful tribute to Tucker...and the agonizing random craziness of life...and how our horse soul mates get us through it all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tucker and Marissa!!

  12. happy bday Tucker - and many happy returns!!


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