Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"But You Just Sit There!"

The next time someone says this to you (and believe me, they will, someone just said it to me recently and things almost got awkward), or for that matter, any of the following:

1.  It's not a real sport;
2.  The horse does all the work;
3.  I rode a horse once and it just followed the horse in front of it;
4.  Why do you still need lessons?;
5.  Don't little kids ride horses?

... just show them this.

This is a video the Auburn Tigers released, apparently their athletes try out each others' fields once in a while.  Freakin' awesome.  I just want to send it to everyone I know who thinks it looks soooooo easy. (Also, side note, I have always wanted to do a touchdown dance.  I might do one at my next show instead of the final salute.)

Also, this:

One of the things we talk about on the blogs a lot is dealing with setbacks, dealing with very non-linear progressions, and dealing with failure, because horses do not understand our goals and have off days and horrible days and sometimes stellar days like the rest of us.  We talk about our confidence, our skills or lack thereof, our frustrations, and many times have to force ourselves to acknowledge when we do something right, for once.

This sport isn't easy.  That's part of why we love it.   But I think it's about time we all recognize how much we kick some serious ass.  Yeah I said it.  Did you see that footballer go down?  He lost a freakin' shoe! A shoe, people!  The fact that we make these 1400 lb power houses do anything at all is basically amazing, not to mention the fact that sometimes we actually look good doing it.  Seriously folks, we rock. 

You go on with your bad selves, bloggers and readers.


  1. THIS. (insert preaching hands emoji)

  2. OH MY GOD.

    Mary is always saying, "If it was easy they'd call it football." AND SHE IS RIGHT.

  3. My grandma asked why I still took lessons once. The she stopped and said "I guess Tiger Woods still takes golf lessons."


  4. Love this! Amen! If it was easy everyone would be addicted like we are!

  5. Preach it girl! I saw that video for the first time yesterday and was like YASSSS. Equestrian should spend more time celebrating fellow badasses and less time cursing each other under our breath.

  6. Yes! I want to punch people in the face when they say things like this.


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