Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Away Show Packing List

You guys.  My first USDF show is in three days.  It's the excitement of Christmas and the anxiety of the first day of high school all rolled into one.  I am simultaneously really looking forward to this weekend and panicking that I'm going to embarrass myself, my horse, my boyfriend, my trainer, and possibly my country.

Well of course he wears a helmet.
I have fallen back upon the only thing I know that comforts me, which is making lists.  And I started making a list in a note on my ipad, but then realized a blog post is just as good as anyplace to make said list, so just in case, I don't know, you need something to help you fall asleep tonight, or perhaps you'd like to use this as a reference someday, (or perhaps because I'm kind of busy and don't have time to do a real post,) here is my list. 

  • In Tack Trunk:
    • Grooming bucket
      • Brushes/curries
      • Hoof pick
      • Hoof oil
      • Show sheen
      • Braiding spray
      • Fly Spray
      • Alcohol (rubbing, not drinking, although that's coming too)
      • Sore No More
    • Bath bucket
      • Shampoo
      • Quiksilver
      • Sponge
      • Curry
      • Sweat scrape
    • Fly sheet
    • Cooler
    • Stable sheet
    • 3 Saddle pads
    • Bell boots
    • Polos
    • Heidi boots
    • Helmet
      • Gloves
    • In Tray
      • Hairnets
      • Bobby pins
      • Sewing kit
      • Band-aids etc.
      • Sunscreen/lip balm
      • Sticky stuff for boots
    • Tack cleaning stuff
    • Braiding stuff
    • Basic first aid (for horse)
    • Whip 
  • In Trailer
    • Stuff for stall
      • Feed tub
      • 2 water buckets with snaps
      • 6 bags shavings
    • Feed
      • 5 baggies with grain, rice bran, smartpaks
      • 1 baggie with 3 scoops beet pulp (dry)
      • 4 scoops alfalfa cubes (in bucket with lid)
      • 2 hay bales
      • 2 small buckets
    • Racks etc.
      • Blanket rack
      • Bridle rack
      • Saddle rack
      • Halter hook for stall door
      • Extra double end snaps
    • Tack Bags
      • Bridle
      • Girth
      • Saddle
      • Thinline pad
      • Tall boots and spurs
  • On Horse
    • Show halter
    • Shipping wraps
    • Pull-on bell boots
  • In Truck
    • Garment bag
      • 2 sets show clothes
      • Show jacket
      • Belts
    • Duffle Bag
      • Jeans
      • Polos
      • Jackets/fleeces
      • PJs
      • Socks/underwear
      • Wellies
      • Flip flops
    • Boyfriend (on list so I don't forget him - mostly kidding)

Oh yeah folks.  I put underwear on the list.  Because, you know, I might forget to bring it.  And then I'd have to ride in white breeches with NO UNDERWEAR.  Just so you know where my head's at right now.

In related news, this is kind of adorable.

Do you think she'd come over and help me pack on Thursday night?


  1. I bring an extra bridle - just in case something breaks

    1. My thought too, any extra leather stuff you have like a spare bridle, halter, as well as, an extra lead line, a couple stud chains, towels (large and wash cloth size), baby wipes and stall guard.

    2. Towels are packed but not on the list. Extra bridle, halter, leads, muck tub, pitch fork, etc. all live in the trailer so they didn't need to be "packed" but should definitely be on the list! Stall guard is a good one I think I'll throw mine in there. Thanks!

  2. also don't forget the pony!!! lol seriously tho great list! goooooood luck!

  3. That's quite a list. Good luck at the show!

  4. Eerily similar to my endurance list...


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