Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Modified Competition Schedule

I've been doing some soul-searching and realized I'm probably not letting Tucker live up to his full potential.

We've always known he's got a super jump.

And clearly his dressage scores are only getting better.

And he LOVES cross-country.

So, obviously, eventing is a natural fit!  Accordingly, I am totally scrapping the show schedule I posted.

Instead, here's the plan for Spring:

The Fork CIC3*/CIC2*/CIC1* & HT (NC, Area 2) - 04/02/2015
(Seems like a good first event)

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event (KY, Area 8) - 04/22/2015
(Always wanted to go)

(Gonna be a busy April!)

Jersey Fresh International Three-day Event (NJ, Area 2) - 05/06/2015
(Because he loves the Horse Park)

Virginia Horse CIC2*, CCI1* & Horse Trials (VA, Area 2) - 05/21/2015
(Figure I'll stop by W&M's graduation while I'm there)

Plantation Field International CIC and Horse Trial (PA, Area 2) - 09/18/2015
(Right around my birthday, why not?)

Fair Hill International Three-day Event (MD, Area 2) - 10/14/2015
(It can be our anniversary trip!)

Now... off to google what CIC means.... ;)


  1. Dat jump though! Fancy Tucker!

  2. You guys will coast right on through! You'll be fine!

  3. haha love it - go get 'em!

  4. I've followed you and Tucker for years but I've never posted before but this had my fooled for a bit and then I probably laughed for way too long of a time... Perfect!


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