Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Case You Were Wondering, Alicia is Still Awesome

Since I'm already in the habit of updating you on some lovely ladies from this blog's past, here's a few recent shots of Alicia Madretzke, who patiently held our hand through the hunters for so many years.  Somehow even though I abandoned her completely for the world of dressage, we are still friends.

I'd go on and on about how amazing she is, but I'll just let these pics and the video speak for itself.

So balanced!
So strong!
Just look at that lower leg!

The horse is Balunito, who is a 2006 17.1 hh Westphalian gelding, by Balou du Rouet.  He competed up to the "m" class in Germany and was imported by Topline Imports (owned by one of Alicia's clients) in mid-February of this year.  And good news - he's for sale!


  1. I would like to ride like that in that ring, only without maybe such big fences. She looks fantastic! (And so does the horse. Serious drool.)

  2. OMG I'm so jealous of her lower leg!
    Come to think of it, I'm jealous of her entire postion too haha.

    And that horse, swooon :)

  3. And holy crap, he won in his debut at Duncraven? That show facility is so close to my house! For the record, there was a Westphalian gelding at my old barn, and they have the best personalities!

  4. If I found a magic lamp, and inside there was a genie that would grant me 3 wishes, one of them would be to ride like her. Seriously impressive! Holy moly.

  5. Love those Balou babies! A friend of mine has a 2 year old by Balou and the previous barn I worked had had a lovely, splashy chestnut roan mare by Balou. He definitely throws some high quality offspring!

  6. Holy smokes that girl is awesome and that gorse is what dreams are made of ♡♡♡
    PS - so glad to have finally found your blog, I've been seeing your wonderfully thoughtful & thought out comments crop up on many of my fav blogs yet when I clicked to follow to your link it never worked so so glad it did this time and cannot wait to hear where your adventure takes you from here.
    PPS Tucker's history page is awesome, so cool that you have known him since foaldom

    1. Welcome to the blog - glad you found me! My comment link seems to be going to either my Google+ profile or a now-defunct Wordpress profile. I have to figure out how to remedy that!

    2. Weird how that is hppening!
      I was being taken to a defunct WordPress, but have now found you so all's well that ends well. ☺

  7. um that horse is magnificent - yay for awesome horsey friends who are also doing super cool things too :)


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