Monday, April 13, 2015

Can Every Day Be Sunday?

I had one of those incredibly horse-filled weekends that leaves you a little sore, a little sunburned, and a little wishing you did not have to be an adult come Monday morning.

On Friday night I felt like going home and crawling under a blanket/having wine for dinner but I forced myself to go to the barn and ride.  I did not feel motivated to ride whatsoever while sitting in Friday evening traffic, but then I got to the barn and saw this gorgeous face and how could I want to do anything other than hang with him?  

Big schnoz, huge ears, can't lose.  That's how it goes right?
I had a fantastic ride.  Confession time:  when no one else is around, Tucker and I do not listen to our usual country/classic rock stations.  I don't know if it's painfully obvious to all of you yet, but I'm not exactly what you'd call "hip."  I'll be 35 this year, and that means that this is becoming more and more accurate every day:

Even though I cannot name any of the artists (seriously I once went into Best Buy and asked for the new Bull Dog CD.  It was a gift.  Stop laughing), sometimes when no one else is around we find one of the Top 10 overplayed hit music stations and have ourselves a good ol' dance party in the indoor. And we dance like because no one is watching.  It sounds ridiculous, I know, but sometimes you just need a good beat to really get that extended trot going. 

On Saturday, we set up this adorable course in our outdoor ring and Tucker got to jump, which is his favorite thing (although when you are a Tucker, there are a lot of things that are your favorite things). 

There were four of us riding and I think everyone had fun.  I had to laugh at myself because every time I picked up my reins to jump a line my heart would start to skip and my stomach would get all butterfly-infested, and then Tucker would basically lope over the little 2'3" vertical and I would realize I am the most ridiculous human being. He was so soft and relaxed and easy to ride though, he is seriously completely push button over fences at this point.  The last line I did was a five stride, and we cantered in to the perfect distance right out of stride, and then I just looped the reins at him and did nothing and he politely cantered out of it.  I love this horse.

Then I went home and got to squeeze in some more horse time because Ethan was riding Mooch, so I got to see my favorite boys in action.

Two tickets to the gun show please
Mooch is getting a seriously fabulous neck
He even let me hop on and ride him a bit.  Needless to say, our horses could not be more different.  I have literally no idea how to ride Mooch, but he doesn't really care.  Such a sweet little horse.

On Sunday I slept in while Ethan took care of the horses at home, had my coffee in bed and then got the trailer prepped for my lesson this week.  Moseyed over the to the barn mid-day, and then we had a lovely school with Goose in the outdoor ring.  Tucker was very happy to go back to some of his dressage work after his jump day, so much so that I'm actually thinking of jumping him the day before my horse show next weekend.  We ran through First Level Test 2 and other than some moments of being distracted by a dog barking and some horses walking by, Tucker was excellent.  The extended canter to working canter transitions in First-2 are in the corner at the end of the long sides, and for some reason this is way easier for him than doing the transition on a 15 meter circle like in Test 1. The whole test seems to ride a little better for us actually.

After we rode we went for a short trail ride around the hay fields with Goose and another one of our fellow boarders and her new mare Libbie.  Libbie was a perfect angel for her first out of the ring ride at her new home.  Such a gorgeous day to be out on a horse!

Also Tucker's favorite thing.
We spent the afternoon giving the boys their first Spring baths in the sunshine, which is my favorite thing about Spring - scrubbing all the winter grime out of his coat is the best feeling ever.  Then we went upstairs to the tack room and had a lovely little wine and tack cleaning party, where we cleaned every piece most of our tack and talked all things horses well into the evening.  Sounds just about perfect right?

And now we're back to the daily grind.  So, like I said, can every day be Sunday?


  1. That sounds like quite an epic weekend. I would like to know where I can apply to have a Sunday like yesterday, every day.

  2. The perfect weekend! My mare also got the first bath of spring this weekend...I forgot how shiny she can be under all the winter crud.... :)

  3. I need to catch up! Where do I learn more about Mooch? What kind of horse is he? What is the tack around his back end? I need to learn more!

    So glad you had a great weekend! Oh, and I can totally identify with the "I used to be with it but now I'm not". I'm 37 and most days I feel like I should be yelling "Get off my lawn" like some old curmudgeon.

    1. Mooch is my boyfriend's Paso Fino. He's awesome! More on them here:

      As for the tack, it's Paso Fino stuff and I think I've learned enough about it to give you an educated answer. The saddle is basically a treeless dressage saddle, the bridle is a Jaquima (which is sort of like a hackamore/bridle combo), and the tack around his back end as far as I'm told is just called a tail piece, which is used because flashing or swishing their tails is a negative thing that the Pasos are judged on in shows. The tail piece comes off for shows, but this trains him not to swish/flash when he's working him at home.

  4. yep, sounds pretty idyllic! love the idea of using a jump school to prepare for your next show too

  5. What a wonderful weekend! My two also received their first real spring baths this weekend!

  6. Sounds heavenly!! I cannot wait for my mare's first bath/scrubbing!

  7. I could totally take your weekend


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