Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Update on Baby Julie

If you've been reading this blog forever then you'll remember my baby Julie

If you're new to the blog, you don't even know she exists, because her page isn't linked here anymore. The full story is in the link above if you're interested.  The short story is that I bred her while I was working at a big law firm straight out of law school (read: I was too young to be making that much money and made terrible decisions).  At the time, I thought I wanted another baby to bring along, I had the funds to put her in training, and I thought I would enjoy having two horses to ride.  But, then I realized that being a grown up is actually way harder than I thought.  It turns out if you're making that much money, you're working a lot, and barely have time for one horse.  And if you don't want to work that much, you won't have the money for two horses.  This, my friends, is what's called a reality check.

Heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
So after Julie was broke and walk-trot-cantering and ready to do some little x-rails, I made the difficult decision to sell her.  (For a mere fraction of what it cost me to lease a broodmare, breed her, pay board on a mare and foal, and pay training board on a baby.  The exact opposite of a wise investment, but I digress.)  She has always been gorgeous (obviously) and looked like she would be very talented, but she wasn't right for me.  Still, I worked really hard on networking her and finding a great home for her, which of course was most important to me.  I was the first thing she saw when she was born, I saw her take her first steps.  I was pretty attached to her, even if I knew she ultimately wasn't going to be a forever horse for me.  

Remember when cell phone pics looked like this?

She is now all grown up (coming seven!), goes by the name of KC Chloe, and doing really great.  The girl to whom I sold her decided to sell her for financial reasons, so she is now with Kinnity Capall Stables, with Kristy and Ronan Moloney, an eventing barn in New York.  I've spoken to them and they are "delighted" to have her and think she has lots of potential.  They say she is unbelievable on cross country and nothing bothers her.  As Kristy put it, "When she sees the jump, she is going!"

I love everything about this photo.
She just returned from her very first trip to Aiken, like a real grown-up eventing horse.  Although she didn't place at the show she did in Aiken against about 25 other horses, it was her first event ever, and she did great.  Before the show, she had only schooled in a dressage ring a few times, and even though she was a little tense, she never put a foot out of place. She had a couple of rails in stadium, which sounds like it still needs a little bit of fine-tuning, but she was clean and clear in cross country. Hard to imagine my little baby going around a cross-country course, but she's always been super brave so I'm not terribly surprised. 

Still a daisy cutter!
It sounds like she is still not a push-button horse, by any stretch, but I really feel like these guys know what they're doing with her, and are going to be able to help her reach her full athletic potential. She's started out at Beginner Novice, but may move up to Novice depending on how the season goes. She is a resale project, but they are in no rush to sell her just yet. I plan to keep up with her progress (oh the wonders of social media!) so I'll keep you guys up to date as well!


  1. Aw, what a great update! She sure is a looker.

  2. Such a pretty girl! Glad she's doing well. :-)

  3. Reality sure does get in the way! I totally hear you on the Money <----> Time continuum. That is a hard lesson for most of us to learn!

    You bred a beautiful baby and gave her all the tools to make a great start in life. That is something to be proud of, even if it wasn't what you had planned. She looks like she'll make someone a really neat horse.

  4. Love you Marisa, but you we both know it is Bern who made it possible for you to have your "baby". Please give her due credit you know she is grandma.

    1. Beth - Bern gave me Tucker! The big beautiful man who is the star of the show on this blog. The spotted one here came later... but trust me, I owe Bern a debt of gratitude for selling me Tucker!!

  5. Wow, that's an absolutely beautiful horse! I love that you can stay in touch through social media!

  6. Julie!!!! Awww she's so gorgeous! How tall is she now?

  7. sounds like she's in a great situation - wishing her the best of luck!

  8. That's very cool! She's lovely. It's great that you can keep up with her.

  9. What a gorgeous girl. Thanks for giving us an update.


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