Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day

Like everyone else in the tri-state area I was trapped inside yesterday, but other than not being able to get to the barn, I don't mind snow days.  I did get out to lunge Tucker on Wednesday night before the snow started, and it was lovely to see him.  He's getting the next couple of days off while I'm at the PA Horse Expo (hopefully see you there!) with Ethan and Gitano.  (Promise pics and videos of the world's most wonderful Paso when I return.)

This was my paralegal for the day yesterday:

"You should move to dismiss.  Or throw the ball."
(Note that in the background, Tucker's laundry is neatly rolled and folded, and mine is in a messy pile.  Priorities.)

And here is what we did after work:

And some obligatory snowy shots of the backyard:

Hope you all get some quality time with your critters over the next few days - next week the weather's in the 40s all week!  I predict lots of mud, and a much more laid back horse.


  1. Definitely don't envy you the snow!

  2. I'm stuck in the snow like you for now! Can't wait for it to go back above freezing but its going to be a messy spring for sure.

  3. this storm kinda sucked - except it's the first one this winter that *didn't* ruin any plans for me haha. next week is gonna be great tho :)


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