Monday, March 16, 2015

In which we Jump Something

Tucker and I haven't jumped anything bigger than a cavaletti since November.  I was starting to feel like if I didn't point him at something that would require him to move more than one leg at a time, I'd actually be lying when I tell people "...but we still jump!" after explaining our transition to dressage.  (It wasn't totally our fault.  The last farm we were at kept all their jumps outside the indoor.  And there were lessons all day Saturday and Sunday, which meant I'd have to bring them in and set them up on a weeknight... in the dark... in 20 degree weather... with a big goofy horse in tow.  Not happening.)

So on Sunday, we jumped something!  It wasn't big, it was probably 2'6"?  But Tucker was very, very happy that this would not be yet another day where we try to perfect the art of the 15-meter circle.

Thankfully, Ethan volunteered to be our jump crew and videographer, so I have evidence of this exciting event.  I love my dressage horse, but the feeling of his beautiful floaty hunter canter as I go around in my half seat, and his round, careful jump... there is just nothing like it.  Sigh.

C'mon Spring!  Tucker wants to jump a course outside again!


  1. ooof he is so good looking. Props to E for being a sport.

  2. You make me want to jump again... it's been too long since I jumped more than the occasional vertical to stir up a lesson.

  3. Gah, Tucker!!! I was all about this dressage horse idea until your mom showed your jumping video! Is there anything you can't do beautifully?!?! It's settled, you must become an eventer so you can do all.the.things all the time!

  4. Tucker says "I LUFF JOMPING!" lol


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