Friday, March 27, 2015

Donkey Agility

Okay so you guys know that I'm kind of obsessed with mini donks right?  Ever since this guy completely stole my heart...

... and kisses.
I have dreamt of a day in the future when an old retired Tucker will live in my back yard and rule over an entire herd of mini donks (I'd like one in every color please).  They are truly the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, smartest little creatures.  There is nothing better.  People who think otherwise just haven't spent enough time around them, I'm convinced. And I want to introduce them to Pancho and change their minds.

And if cute and cuddly doesn't win you over, how about clever?  I give you the cutest thing I've seen all week:  DONKEY AGILITY. (You probably have to be signed in to facebook to view this).

Doing in hand jumping with Naughty Nadia...but WAIT...its not so "IN HAND" with this bold girl. More like agility. Haha
Posted by Kelly Dehnel on Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That little donk is Nadia, of Olympic Miniature Donkeys in Wisconsin.  She was born on 10/10/10 and is named after the Romanian gymnast who scored perfect tens at the 1976 Olympics (hence the farm name, Olympic Miniature Donkeys).  I. am. in. love.  What a good girl!


  1. SO CUTE!!! We have a mini mule at the barn, which is pretty freaking cute, but I can't image convincing her to do agility. She's very set in her ways, which do not include moving very quickly.

  2. This is seriously the cutest thing I've seen all week <3 I LOVE donkeys. I almost adopted two in 2011, but someone beat me to it. Some day!!!

  3. I totally have to SQUEE! I love donkeys, mini, mammoth, cute! I totally want one as a companion animal for my mare...who has 3 other mares in her pasture to keep her company....

  4. I love the mini donks. I fell in love with Leonardo, the mini donkey at the first farm I boarded at. Now that I have my own place, I'm seriously thinking about a mini donk of my very own.

  5. I can see where this is going to end up. You'll be running (for people) the Crazy Mini Donkey Lady retirement home, and I'll be running the Crazy Shetland Lady retirement home. We'll have to be near each other to organize elderly exchange student field trips and Bingo nights!

  6. ahhh so cute!!! i'm trying to hard to convince my parents to get mini donks at their little farm house... might have to forward that video lol


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