Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Riverview Stables, Our New Home

Please see this post for an update on our experience at Riverview (and why we moved out in a big hurry).

I have little to update on the riding front because it's absolutely freezing in New Jersey right now, so Tucker has been hand-walking and light lunging because even though I will once again have a wild beast on my hands next time I want to ride, I do not believe in torturing either of us and riding in this weather.  But, I can tell you about our new digs, freezing temps or not.

I first moved Tucker closer to home in November, but for a variety of reasons (which I needn't address here) that boarding situation didn't work out, although I met some lovely horse people there along the way. So, as I mentioned last post I moved him again on February 1st, to Riverview Stables.  Wish I had moved there in the first place, but, live and learn as they say.

After two weeks, the new farm already feels like home.  Everyone has been friendly and welcoming and it's generally a laid back place.  The facility is clean and well-run and the care is really personal. Tucker is making new friends....

He's big like me, I like this one.
And reuniting with an old friend, Goose, who boarded with us at our last barn.  The first day we moved in, Tucker was in his stall and started bouncing like a puppy when Goose came in from turnout.  I know him I know him I know him!

The Goose.  Tucker loves him.  
My favorite things about this place?  One, unlimited hay.  The first time I grabbed him a flake and tossed it in his stall, I felt like a common criminal.  I've never been at a boarding barn where that's okay. Having hay in front of his face all the time makes me seriously, indescribably, irrationally happy.  He's an ulcery horse who loses weight when the wind changes direction.  This is a big deal.

Second, there are no barn hours, so I can ride even if I get stuck at work late.  And since it's literally on my way home from work, I can even stop in just to give him a kiss on the nose and a treat.

Well hello there...
Fancy meeting you here....
Is that a treat in your hand?
Can I have that please?
Om nom nom nom nom
(Just look at those kissable lips!)
And third... the barn at night is quiet, and clean, and warm.  The only sounds are animals munching happily.  There is nothing in this world more soothing.  It's like heaven.

Tucker has only identified one flaw in the whole place:  there are ducks.  Don't ask me why ducks are so suspicious, but Tucker firmly believes they are predatory and dangerous.  Waddling and quacking around like that.  More on this in my next post....


  1. You have transfered your fear of birds on to your horse!!! Poor Tucker has learned from you :P

  2. I'm so glad you are there. It is such a nice place, from my very limited experience there. I LOVE Tucker's begging foot, and I'm thrilled he gets as much hay as he can devour. Also, Goose is adorable. Also also, I'm still ridiculously excited that you are blogging again :) :)

  3. Sounds like you and Tucker have found the perfect place..... I love the sound of horses munching!

  4. Sounds great! I keep looking at that place but am not yet ready to give up Best Chance Farm even though I drive an hour each way!

  5. Junior loves his new friend! Welcome to the family!!


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