Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tucker the Dressage Pony

Some photos and video from my dressage clinic with Pierre St. Jacques at CLR Stables last weekend!

I think Tucker's dressage work is really coming along well, if I do say so myself.  Still lots to work on, mostly me.  But I see signs of progress and I'll take it!

Turns out I stick out my tongue to do leg yields?
One of the lesser known lateral aids?

Love this one of him (don't look at me and my caved-in core).
Look how nicely he's sitting!

Love this canter.  Would really love it if I could actually sit to it...

I know he's getting a little too deep here, but I love this one too.
And I'm mostly sitting up, which is nice.

And now onto the videos....
(they are each quick clips, best stuff is in the first two if you don't feel like watching them all)

Huge THANK YOU to Anita (barn mom/photographer extraordinaire) and Ethan (boyfriend/videographer extraordinaire) for braving the cold and getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to catch all this on film!


  1. You both look great! Awesome photos in an indoor! I'm jealous lol.

  2. He looks SOOO fancy. What a lovely versatile horse. Stop being so hard on yourself, dressage is a tough transition for a hunter rider, and you look really nice and soft in your aids in these photos. You'll get there!

  3. You guys look amazing!!! I love how much bigger his gaits have gotten!! You guys looks like those fancy warmbloods that I hate in dressage :P I think you title is apt, he totally looks like a dressage horse! I LOVE THAT YOU ARE BECOMING A DQ!!

  4. Yay, video clips! You and Tucker make a very fine team!

  5. Tucker is so grown UP! How did that happen??
    He looks wonderful, and so do you. Bravo!


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