Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Tucker!

Today is the Gorgeous Boy's 11th birthday.  It is really hard to believe this picture was taken ten years ago:

Or that this picture was taken eight years ago (his first summer of work!):

Or even that this one was three years ago (our first summer in the Adult Hunters), feels like yesterday:

Today is an extra special birthday for Tucker because it is also Kentucky Derby Day.  The day Tucker was born, it was Kentucky Derby Day, so Tucker was actually originally named Kentucky, which eventually got shortened to Tuck, and evolved into Tucker.  I remember when I turned to the trainer I worked for and said, "I think we should call him Tucker."  She smiled and said, "That's perfect, every barn needs a Tucker."  And you all know the rest, I fell in love with the awkward, gangly baby, and had to bring him with me to law school, and then the rest of our adventures began.

Every year on the blog I usually spend some of the post gushing over my beautiful boy, and I'm afraid this year is no different.  So, here goes.  Thank you Tucker, for a decade full of countless moments of pure happiness and gratitude, teaching me how to be a better rider, reminding me to be a better person, and helping me keep all my priorities in order.  I cannot imagine what life would have been like without you.  Here's to many more birthdays.  I love you.

I am off to take Tucker for his birthday ride, and enjoy the absolutely perfect weather we are having in New Jersey today.  Hope you all have a wonderful Kentucky Derby Day and Tucker's Birthday Day!


  1. Aww...sweet. Happy Birthday Tucker!

  2. Fun way that his name came about. Happy Birthday to Tucker!

  3. Happy birthday, handsome Tucker!!

  4. Happy birthday, Tucker! What a sweet guy. I'm looking forward to hearing the updates!

  5. Awww...Happy Birthday Tucker!!!!

  6. Wow, has it been so many years already?? Happy birthday, Tucker! Thanks for all you do to make one of my bestest friends so happy. You two are a great team.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Tucker!! I love the photo documentation. Heart bursting.

    (Hudson says May born horses are the bravest, most honest, and true blue horses in the world. Not that he has a birthday this month...)


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