Monday, May 7, 2012

My Niece's First Pony Ride!

This is quite possibly going to be my most favorite blog post ever -- I finally got my 2-year-old niece, Ella, on a real pony (for those of you who are new to the blog, I have been hatching this evil plan encouraging Ella to love ponies since roughly a few months after she was born).   It was quite possibly my happiest day as an aunt.  She loved it!

The pony in question is Fuzzy, who belongs to a friend of mine.  Some of you may remember from this post, in which Tucker fell madly in love with Fuzzy.  Fuzzy was so wonderful all afternoon for his pony ride.  He apparently loves little girls just as much as they love him.  He was a perfect gentleman.  (I may also be in love with him.  It's easy to do.)

We arrived at the barn mid-afternoon, my niece bearing a bag full of apples and carrots and VERY excited about the prospect of ponies.

Once we actually met Fuzzy, we were a little bit less brave, which I expected.  So I gave Ella some time to get better acquainted with the pony, and she helped me lead him around the ring.

Fuzzy, saint that he is, stopped on a dime every time she wanted to come up and get a better look at him, and soon she had pet him all over and was voicing her strong desire to ride.  After holding her up a few times so she could see the saddle and where her feet would go, and where she'd hold the reins, she was ready to climb on.

It was all smiles from here on out.  That's grandma (my mom) in the background.  She has been down this road before... she knows a pony-crazed kid when she sees one.

Note that her heels are already down.  Never had a lesson.  I believe she's a natural.

This is my favorite photo of the day.  The blissed-out-I-love-ponies face. 

And this would be my second-favorite.

Or maybe this one...

Or this one....

Is there anything cuter than a tiny child grooming a tiny pony?

Ella is still talking about Fuzzy.  When they got home that night, Ella's mom asked her if she rode a horsie that day.  Her response?  "No Mommy, I rode a pony."  I ADORE this child.

I can't wait to bring her back for another ride.  I wonder if she'll be braver right from the start, or if it will still take some getting used to again.  I wouldn't know, I pretty much flung myself at every pony-type creature I ran into at her age.  Next time, we'll be stopping at Dover first to get a helmet that fits.  Everyone please remind me she's too young for me to buy an entire leadline outfit!!  But wouldn't she be so cute in garters and jods??? 


  1. Oh my goodness! That is SO adorable. What a great Aunt you are. Fuzzy looks like a fantastic pony.

  2. Adorable! I love this post. She's precious and so is Fuzzy!

  3. Absolutely friggin' adorable. How wonderful that you can share your passion with your niece.

  4. UMMMM what do you mean too young for a lead line outfit? They so need to go into pony training now, brushing ponies, kissing ponies, riding ponies, loving ponies, I think you might have a new weekend job!!!!!! Very cute and Fuzzy is adorable clipped!!!!!!

  5. I love this!!! I'm so jealous of your niece! She's is always welcome to spend as much time with Fuzzy as she wants!!!

  6. I like this post and I like your Evil (Awesome) Plan. We just found out yesterday that my daughter is going to have a girl. She is due in September. And I have every intention of hatching the very same Evil (Awesome) Plan. Great photos, Marissa.

  7. She is so cute! Glad that she had so much fun. The pictures are precious!

  8. Adorable! And there is still a lot of show season left for her to use that leadline outfit :P She will be a pro by 4 years old when she does the class at Devon (please oh please let me pick out your suit and hat and her matching outfit when that day comes!!!)


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