Thursday, May 3, 2012

My First Giveaway! Win a Subscription to Sidelines!

Tucker fans, I have an exciting announcement!  Sidelines has generously agreed to let me give away a year's subscription to the magazine to one of my blog readers.  How cool is that?!
                                                   The May 2012 Issue
Entering the contest is easy -- all you have to do is like Tucker the Wunderkind and Sidelines Magazine on facebook between now and May 15th (you'll have to like both to be entered).  If you're already following Tucker and Sidelines on facebook, good news -- you're already eligible to win!  (And, you're already enjoying all the great stuff Sidelines has to offer and the hilarious stuff I find for your newsfeeds.  My apologies in advance if I ever make you spit coffee onto your monitors.)  And just in case you need another incentive to like Tucker the Wunderkind on facebook, Equestrian Ryan Reynolds and Equestrian Johnny Depp are there.  :)
On May 15th, I will pick one lucky reader at random and announce it on Tucker's facebook wall.  Why May 15th, you ask?  Well... that's the day that the new issue of Sidelines, featuring a one-page article about yours truly and the gorgeous Wunderkind, will be hitting the stands.  (It's okay if I giggle like a schoolgirl whenever I think about that, right?)
What are you waiting for?  Pull that smartphone out of the pocket of your breeches, wait until your boss isn't looking and log on, find an empty computer at school, borrow an ipad from the guy next to you on the train (hey, maybe he's cute)...  you get the idea.   Good luck!

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