Thursday, May 10, 2012

Equestrian Heartthrobs

Okay, enough of the cute pony photos and sappy birthday posts. . .   I know why I was really invited to Sidelines.  I've had a rather unpleasant week, so I needed a little fun.  I decided this time to post one of each of the guys that have been requested from my readers via the facebook page or in comments on earlier blog posts. . .   although I draw the line at Gyllenhaal.  Seriously ladies, his nose takes up half his face.   Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these.  I am officially taking requests. . . .

Equestrian Bradley Cooper:

Equestrian Brad Pitt:

Equestrian George Clooney:

Equestrian Matt Damon:

Equestrian Patrick Dempsey:

Equestrian Johnny Depp (back by popular demand):

And, back by (my own) demand, Equestrian Ryan Reynolds:

Hope that made your day a little brighter.


  1. You're making it hard to choose my favorite Equestrian Heartthrob!!

  2. Oh my, these are lovely!!!!!!!!! More Bradley and more Reynolds! pwease

  3. Ryan still has my heart and probably always will.....although there's something about Matt than makes me look twice...

  4. Ok, first things first - I actually find large noses on men very attractive (my husband has one). It is very manly and rugged and poor old Jake NEEDS to be part of this meme!

    That said - YAY FOR NEW EQHT's!!!!!

  5. Thank you Marissa!! Needed the smile today! Johanna


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