Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is Tucker's 10th birthday.  It's hard to believe we've known each other for ten years!  My, how the time flies.

On this day ten years ago...

I was a week away from graduating college.  I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.  So I planned my escape, to the farm in Connecticut where I worked every summer, to take a year off and figure myself out.

And then a few weeks later I met him...  he was goofy, and awkward, and afraid of everything, and -- to be honest -- a bit of a jerk.  The first time we met, he bit me in the stomach.  I didn't like him, though I'm ashamed to admit that now.  And I really didn't want to make time in my day to take care of an obnoxious yearling, when there was a barn full of beautiful show horses to be doted on.

And then, gradually, he started to like me.  He whinnied for me when I came out of the house in the morning.  He let me catch him.  He watched me teach my little up-downers in the afternoon.  He stole my baseball hats.  He played tag.  He licked my face like a dog.  He was willing to follow me anywhere.  He even lost his inexplicable fear of cross-ties, and spray bottles, and (???) the driveway.  He grew fond of taking naps with his head in my lap.  And I fell head over heels.

And look at him now.  He is big, and beautiful, and incredibly athletic.  He is smart, and willing, and good at his job.  He is funny, and sweet, and heart-meltingly affectionate.  He's quirky, and weird, and one of a kind.  I love him from his giant ears to his little white socks.  And, even though sometimes I wonder what I've done to deserve such a fantastic creature, somehow he loves me back.
Photo by Dominika Nawrot
I love you Boo.  Happy birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to you Tucker! Also happy 'anniversary' to you both :) It is so funny how relationships can change like that! I know a handful of the horses that I love today I didn't like so much when I first met them. Hope you guys have at LEAST another 10 great years :)

  2. Happy birthday! You're fortunate to have found one another, and I hope you have many fine years together to look forward to!

  3. Well you have raised quite the gentleman. Happy Birthday beautiful Tucker man! xo

  4. Happy Birthday Tucker, I hope your day was full of treats and yummy things! I hope the following year is full of fun filled adventures for you both!

  5. Awww...Happy birthday to Tucker! I hope you brought him some carrot cake and a pony to celebrate!

  6. Oh wicked wild west internet! I missed Tuck Tuck's big day! Happy birthday to a FABULOUS hunk of horsie! I love reading about you, I love that you brought me and your mom together as friends and riding you on my last trip out to the Jerz was an honor! Happy Day! Love Your Biggest West Coast Fans, Nicku and Pongo


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