Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Funny: Silly Horse Tricks

Horse Junkies United originally posted this video and I think it's too cute for words. 

I love seeing the "behind the scenes" side of WEF.  Nice to know these superstar horses have adorable personalities and little quirks, just like our guys.  Reminds me of the ridiculous column in US Weekly "Stars, They're Just Like Us!" where they show you that Reese Witherspoon knows how to cross the street and Channing Tatum eats lunch.  (Okay I was kind of surprised to learn that Prince Harry shops at Walmart. I'll give them that.)  Note:  I only read US Weekly in an ironic sense, I don't have a secret celebrity gossip addiction, at all.  I'm far to intellectual for such things.  Obviously. 

I digress.  HJU is having a contest and asked their facebook fans to submit their own funny horse videos.  Check out their facebook page for more laughs, and submit your own.  I may have to try to get a video of Tucker doing his tricks.  It won't win any contests but it sure is cute!


  1. I knew a horse that did this! Hilarious.

  2. OMG That is soooo awesome!!!!!! I love it!


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