Friday, March 23, 2012

Pictures of the Gorgeous Boy

I got an email from a friend this week that said "and how's the gorgeous boy?" and I didn't even hesitate to wonder who she meant...  (okay that's partially process of elimination, there are no other gorgeous boys in my life, unless you count my idiot cat who eats worms). 

I dropped my phone in the middle of my ride last night while trying to forward Pandora onto a better song for cantering... and just had to snap some photos because he looked so cute standing in the middle of the ring by himself.

Somehow I don't think Tucker thought it was the best use of our ride time....

 Oh boy.  She's got the camera out again.

Sigh.  Guess I better stand square.

But I am NOT putting my ears up.

And then the Drama Llama heard a noise...

He looks great though, doesn't he?  (Also, we had a wonderful ride, despite the interruption).


  1. He looks metallic and muscle bound. Now that is a dream man ;)

  2. What did I say? Georgeous Boy! Looking fit, i might add. I'm gonna have to tell Sug she better up her game if she wants to stay the "mane" mare in his life, coz GB is certainly bringing his!

  3. Haha! He and Cuna (in their sainted gelding club) should have a little meeting about "crazy wimin who takes too manee piktures". I swear Cuna makes that face too.

  4. So round and so fit. I love him, he is at the ideal weight IMO :) He looks incredible!

  5. HEHEHEHEEHE so cute! We love the little Tucker Bug! How tall is Tucker again?

  6. Thank you ladies! Nina, he's 17hh. Big guy!


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