Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long List for the Olympic Trials!

The long list for the Olympic trials has been released.  I am particularly impressed with all the young talent on this list.  Pretty amazing!

I posted last week about Mclain Ward's inclusion in the Long List.  On Friday, the USEF Ad Hoc Committee on Selection approved both Laura Kraut on Cedric and Beezie Madden on Coral Reef Via Volo for the long list, which means they won't have to participate in the trials on these horses.

The Official Long List for the Olympic Trials is as follows:
Cara Anthony
Ashlee Bond
Geoffrey Case
Kirsten Coe
Karl Cook
Saer Coulter
Lucy Davis
Nick Dello Joio
Mario Deslauriers
Katie Dinan
Margie Engle
Kent Farrington
Rich Fellers
Brianne Goutal
Alex Granato
Lauren Hough
Charlie Jacobs
Charlie Jayne
Alicia Jonsson-Foster
Quentin Judge
Reed Kessler
Laura Kraut
Beezie Madden
Christine McCrea
Duncan McFarlane
Catherine Pasmore
Cara Raether
Ragan Roberts
Will Simpson
Jessica Springsteen
Ray Texel
Jimmy Torano
McLain Ward
Jeffery Welles
The trials take place tomorrow, Thursday, and Saturday.  Tomorrow is a Speed Class, then Thursday there are two rounds in Nations Cup format at 1pm and 7pm.  Saturday at 7pm is a Timed Jump-Off format.  I probably won't be able to watch live during the week, but I'm sure they will have the video available later as well.  I'll embed them in a later post if I can.

The USEF network will be providing live coverage (presented by SmartPak, my favorite company!) of the trials, beginning tomorrow at 1pm EST.  Also, Horse Junkies United will have a simultaneous live chat during the rounds.

Best of luck to this fantastic group of riders!


  1. Sounds like a good list. I hope I can find the time to catch some of the rides. Thanks for the update.

  2. Woo Hoo Lauren Hough! :) Oh and I think it starts tomorrow not today :)

  3. I second the woo hoo for Lauren! Fantastic rider and I just adore Cedric! Brianne Goutal....did anybody else watch that young riders show on cable a while back? Probably 6 or so yrs ago now.... She was one of the up and comers in the show. Thx for the info about the coverage, hopefully I can at least watch on saturday.

  4. Yes, Fullers, you're right it starts tomorrow! I usually draft my posts the night before they go live, and I often get my todays/tomorrows confused! I'll edit that in the post to avoid the mass hysteria and confusion.

  5. cfa: I remember that series well. I watched with awe and envy. Brianne is very talented!


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