Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine

Tucker asked me to post this today....  hoping that Sugar would login to facebook and find it.  I thought it was too sweet not to share.

Also, Tucker has begged me not to show this to Hudson.  He says he'll take away his stud card (I hate to break it to him...).  Anyway, let's just keep this one between us girls.


  1. I'm posting this for Jane at The Literary Horse who says blogger is being finicky about comments again.... Jane says:

    "Cuteness overload!! Tucker definitely has his stud card. So handsome. Sugar's gotta be moved by his creativity and determination!

    (Hudson got to hand graze on 6" long grass today: he's going to be too grass-blissed to hack into my computer.) ;)"

  2. love it! as always your blog is a blast to read. i hope sug realizes what a stud she's caught haha

  3. How could she resist a studly guy like Tucker? She's all his.


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