Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank You

I'm not really sure what the appropriate response is when one of your blog posts goes kind of viral and draws 100 times the traffic of a normal post...  I mean I guess if I were really cool, I would just pretend like it's nothing and not even mention it.  Since I've never really been all that cool though, I half expect people to start recognizing me on the street and the train platform.  (I can just picture it.  "Aren't you that girl, who writes that blog?  You're hilarious!"  "Who me?  Oh, it's nothing really, but thank you so much," as I blush modestly.)  Or maybe I'll get an email from Ryan's publicist threatening to have me thrown in internet jail if I don't stop convincing Ryan's adoring public that he's an equestrian (incidentally, Ryan, I'd be happy to meet you for lunch to discuss).

I've been told my next post needs to be incredibly funny, or really interesting and insightful, so that I somehow or other keep the thousands of new readers coming back.  I've been told I need to do more Ryan Reynolds, or that I need to do Equestrian George Clooney (which I might still do, ladies), or that I need to do something else different but equally hysterical.  Since I wasn't really sure what to do here, I figured I should just go with my gut.

So, this post is simply a Thank You.  Thank you for visiting the site, thank you for laughing, thank you for commenting.  Thank you for bookmarking, following, friending, liking, plus-one-ing, linking, and sharing with your friends.  I realize it's just a silly little blog about a little girl and a big brown horse, and my last post was an even sillier little story about an imaginary handsome man who loves horses and horse-crazy chicks (an elusive creature I've been hoping to find my whole life).  And I realize it's probably just those rock hard abs and that crooked grin that made you pass along that link... but I'm glad you did anyway. 

It's just my tiny little corner of the internet, and I never thought anyone would really read it, but I am sort of proud of it.  So seeing so many people stop by to read the last post, and then venture a little farther back through the archives to see what else I had to say, really made me smile.  My 15 minutes of internet fame, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

So thanks, Tucker fans.  I hope you'll keep on reading, and sharing, and commenting, and laughing. 

p.s. --  While I have your attention, is there something you'd like me to cover?  Something you want to see more of?  Something that bores you to tears?  If so, I'd love to know.


  1. Oh please. Tucker is destined for WAY more than 15 minutes of fame. He might be a bit miffed it came by way of another man in your life though....

  2. I love posts about specific riding exercises that help you and Tucker. And I love hearing what Tucker thinks! :)

  3. Marissa? I loved her BEFORE she went viral.

    1. You girls are hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  4. What do you have against Brad Pitt? Did you see him in "Legends of the Fall?" Tristan can losen my girth anytime. LOL

  5. wait?! Am I daft? Did you 'invent' those pictures of Ryan with the equestrian verbage on it? I thought it was borrowed from somewhere...OMG BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and maybe I wall papered my home office in them ;)

  6. Haha Kristen, I did indeed create the verbage on those photos, though I stole all of the images from google for the parody. Glad you liked them! I had a lot of fun making them :)


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