Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tucker Joined Facebook!

Well, okay, in fairness, I signed up for facebook on his behalf.  I never let him NEAR any device with access to the internet.  I don't need 20lb bags of treats auto-shipped with my Smartpaks every month.

Anyway...  I created a facebook page for the best big brown horse in the world, so now you can "follow" us on the Book.  Mainly I wanted a space where I could share all of my favorite pictures of my boy, and I'm hoping it will attract additional readers to the blog and even further expand this wonderful community of readers that we currently have. 

I will continue to add more photos, will use the page to provide short Tucker updates in between blog posts (or when things get crazy busy for me), and upcoming blog posts will automatically be published there.  You can also post comments and questions for me there (hopefully nice ones?).  I also plan to use it as a space to share some of the funny horse-related stuff and interesting equine news items I find.  It's funny, I fought joining facebook forever, and now I can't really imagine how we ever did without it.  I am a fan of facebook.  Sue me.* 

So what are you waiting for?  Click that badge over there on the sidebar.  Or click this link

Thanks friends!

* Please don't literally sue me.  I would rather not have The Social Network II star a short brunette with glasses, nor have its plot loosely based on my real life events.


  1. click :-)
    Nina is also on FB and needs 25 fans so that I can secure her name on the page.


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