Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training

Unfortunately, despite what this thread would lead you to believe, it appears that Mr. Morris is in fact a mere mortal (could have fooled me... I mean, have you seen this?), and has been feeling under the weather.  Fortunately, some of the most talented athletes in showjumping stepped in to teach this year's Horsemastership Sessions.  What an amazing opportunity for the young riders participating in these clinics.

I have been reading the articles on the Chronicle, which you can find here:

Day One, Ann Kursinski and Beezie Madden
Day Two, Kent Farrington
Day Three, Mclain Ward

It is my new life's ambition to clinic with Mr. Ward.  I don't care if it takes years for me to make this happen.  I will ride with him.  Oh yes, I will.  And not just because I used to think he was cute when we were both still in the pony ring (Literally a lifetime ago. Interestingly enough my riding career did not pan out as well as his.  Go figure).  He focuses on the fundamentals, the reasons why a proper position is important, and boy does it show in his riding.  He rides every Grand Prix course like he's trying to win the Maclay.  (Maybe he is.  He did come in second in 1993.)

I haven't watched the videos of the Horsemastership Sessions yet (darn working for a living thing getting in the way of my riding again), but I plan to snuggle up under the covers tonight and watch them all online.  You can watch the videos online for free on the USEF Network, here

Can't wait to pick up some tips and try them out this weekend!  Of course, remember what happened when I said that last year?


  1. Hmmm -tried to link to that video and it said it was "private".
    I agree with you about Mclain- he is amazing and I drool over his equitation as he is flying over jumps in the jumper ring. My big claim to fame is I beat him in a hunter under saddle class once at one of the few A rated shows I went to when I was younger. Ok, granted he was like 11 and I was 17 but still...:).
    Just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your blog and reading about you and Tucker. First time Ive posted but have been reading for about a are such a good writer! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi cfa! Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to speak up anytime! Bummer about that video, I searched for another one but no luck. Suffice it to say GM was completely at home on a grand prix dressage horse and showed off his piaffe and passage and tempi change skills. Pretty spectacular. As for your win against MW: I don't care if he was only 11, I'm definitely still impressed. And thanks for your nice comments about the blog, glad you enjoy it!

  3. I watched Kent Farringtons group and I must admit, I'm a newly converted Farrington Fanatic. His voice is so sooooothing. And he was so smartly dressed. And he's cute :-)! I haven't been able to watch any other sessions so I can't speak for the McLain Ward ones. But I feel Kent did an awesome job at slowing down the riders thought process. He made it a point to school the horse instead of trying to just get through the exercise. Awesome!!!

  4. I also want to watch! No luck so far.


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