Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give Your Dreams a Chance

First, a Quick Tucker Update:  He's been pretty great since his little runaway episode (probably feeling guilty), but I've had the flu (ugh) and haven't seen the poor beast in over a week.  I texted my barn manager today to request that she let him know he's not orphaned.  I intend to see him soon.  On to the blog post....

*  *  *

So today, as per usual, I dropped off my dollar contributing to my office pool's chance at winning the Mega Millions... since I sure don't want to be one of the few employees left who didn't become an overnight millionaire... you never know.

As I ate my lunch, I got to thinking.... what would be on my millionaire's shopping list?

Well, first and foremost, I'd buy a super fancy A/O Hunter.  Something along these lines:

Lumiere and Jane Gaston (photo from Bigeq.com)
Could you just die for this horse?  So beautiful...

No don't worry, of course I'd never get rid of Tucker.  He'd just become a jumper and I'd play in both rings.  Which, of course, would require a new wardrobe for him.  No more fancy stitched padded nosebands for him, no sir.  I'll take a figure-8 and some brass clinchers, please.  And defnitely a set of these Veredus open-front boots.  Given the size of our ears, we probably need a custom bonnet, too.  Not to mention that all the horses would need coordinating winter wardrobes (like these, and these).  Looks like I better put Smartpak on speed dial as soon as I win....

Then I'd need a pony for my niece (well, we'll say it's for her, but really I just want a pony), and obviously the pony would need a friend, so I think a mini donkey is in order. 

Of course, I have a European vacation I'd like to take too....  And let's not forget that when I'm in Holland, I'll probably want to bring a nice young prospect home with me...  (You see where this is going.  Can you imagine how many animals I would end up with?)

And then of course I'll need something to transport my noble steeds in, since I plan to travel up and down the East Coast depositing at least some of my millions to the good folks at HITS.  My current pickup and two-horse trailer just won't do.  Nope, I'm definitely going to need something more like this:

Naturally, I'll need something to pull it with.  I think this F-450 King Ranch ought to do the trick.  Have you ever been in one of those things?  Oh boy would I love having one to call my own....

As for a home base?  I'm not asking for much.  Twenty or so acres, big enough for a nice barn, rings, plenty of turnout, and some little trails.  Oh and I guess I'll need a place to live.  How about a pretty little cottage overlooking the turnout fields?  Maybe something with a stone fireplace, big picture windows, and a nice front porch?  Just something warm and cozy for me and the beagles and the jack russells....

And then there's the barn....  let's spare no expense here.  Give me all the ameneties.  A big wide center aisle, plenty of cross-ventilation, those gorgeous Euro stalls with brass finials.  These would suit me quite nicely:

(Go ahead and click that link. You know you want to see more pretty barns.)

Then we'll need some super fancy grooming bays, and big, well draining wash stalls.  Including one heated and enclosed wash stall.  I'd venture a guess that something like this would make me happy:

I'm thinking about 8 stalls would be just right.  And all the stalls would have custom-designed automatic waterers with built-in heaters, and slide-out feed bins for quick feeding, and a drop down from the hayloft for hay, and a recessed ceiling fan, and a trunk in front of each stall just for their blankets, and a dutch door that led outside, with an overhang to keep the hot sun and the rain out of their faces. 

Outside, I'd have big turnout pastures with run-ins and four-board fencing, and smaller stone dust paddocks for the really wet weather, and a trail around the perimeter of the paddocks with stone dust footing for hacking.  And of course, a nice indoor ring close to the barn with crushed leather footing, big mirrors, and a heated viewing room, an outdoor ring with sand and stone dust footing and a watering system, and a grass jumping field.  And lots and lots of pretty jumps.

Let's see... and for the humans... a nice lounge (with a well stocked bar please!), and a big feed room with a fridge and a sink, and a tack room full of brass hardware and wooden trunks and gorgeous leather....  Can you picture it?  I'd invite all my favorite horsey friends to come and board with me in horse heaven.

Whew... now that was fun!

So tell me, what would be on your list?  And what am I forgetting?


  1. I think Id definitely first get myself a super fancy, quiet a/o hunter myself. Id purchase a trailer, I don't need anything fancy, and a big plot of land out here in Gainesville, since for some odd reason, the proximity to Ocala does not mean there are many nice barns to choose from. On this lovely large plot, I'd say about 30 acres, I would build a 12 stall barn, that resembles yours, with a big center aisle, and all the amenities my checkbook could handle. Of course I'd need an enormous covered ring, equipped with show quality jumps, 12 in all, and some fancy footing, with the equipment to maintain it. There will be 12 paddocks in all, no less then 3/4 acre each, so every can have the option of individual turnout, with shelters and auto waterers in each. Ahhh if only!!!

  2. I'm so glad we're friends. Izzy and I would need to move in (and we might want to play with your fancy stitched padded nosebands). ;-)

  3. I have to say that my wish list would look much the same :)

  4. Count me in!! I'm ready to board at horsey heaven!

  5. I love your dream. and I am going to hope that you win also so that one of those 8 stalls has Gen's name on it :P I promise to keep cupcakes in the fridge of your fantastic lounge :P

  6. Me! You're forgetting me! I'm really really good at polishing brass finials...
    (Hudson says he could possibly get used to confinement at THAT level of refinement, and of course he'll have a masseuse on call?) Why do I think I'd still end up as the crazy Shetland lady? Even if I won a kazillion dollars?

    I heart your dream, and I'm with Stacey, I'll help keep the lounge stocked.

  7. A trailer... land... a nice barn and all that jazz. I think if I had a ton of money though I would want to take in a bunch of rescues. I have always wanted to take a chance on OTTB's but I am afraid that if something went wrong I would not be able to afford a pasture ornament and a riding hors. With a ton of money though I could have all kinds of pasture ornaments!! Oh yeah and a alpaca...
    Fun game!

  8. You forgot one more stall.
    So, Laz and I can come :)

  9. The only thing I think you forgot was the extravagant guest cottage for your rotating bloggy friends on sabbatical.. (though I am perfectly willing to hole up in your sundowner...
    OH. And perhaps a few extra acres for your own vineyard/winery? I mean... Why not. Tucker could be on the label!

  10. I love your taste! I will have what you chose!

    A while ago i put this together:

  11. A most excellent list! I'll bring the grey poupon and the champs! :-)

    I love the pic of that hunter (love the chestnut), but I would probably go for a lippizanner and and maybe some sort of arab, arabx for endurance.

    Now, I'm off to go buy a lottery ticket!


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