Sunday, December 18, 2011

As to be Expected....

... when you have to give your horse two weeks off in the middle of winter (stupid flu)... This pretty much sums up the ride yesterday:

It began with dancing and prancing in place on the cross-ties, and pawing dramatically whenever I left his side.  Charming, absolutely charming.  Delightful, in fact.  At least he gives you fair warning though.  Sort of a  "mount at your own risk" signal.

Down to the ring we went, where I kept a firm grip on the reins (I can be taught), and hand-walked him around for a while, so the cute kid on her palomino pony could finish her lesson in peace.  As soon as she left the ring, I let Tucker run around for a few minutes ... and run he did.  Absolute mayhem, though he seemed to be having a ball.  

Tucker's favorite moves:  
1.  The Chicken:  Gallop as fast as you can straight toward mom, dive left as soon as you see the whites of her eyes.  Best to wait until she puts her arms up in alarm.  Freaks her out every time.
2.  The Squeaky Toy:  Gallop as fast as you can down the length of the arena, and when you get to the end, toss your head as hard as you can, spin in place, and squeak repeatedly.
3.  The Hover Craft:  Come to a complete halt.  Turn to be sure that mom is looking.  Jump straight up into the air with all four feet.  Land bucking.  Bonus points added for extra hang time.
4.  The Wild Stallion:  Extended trot across the arena, nose to ground, tail flagged, snorting as you go.  Stop short.  Raise your head as high as it will go so you appear at least 18hh tall.  Snort some more.  Take off at full gallop, pretending to hear/see something terrifying.
5.  The My Little Pony:  Without warning, decide to be done playing.  Calmly trot or walk to mom.  Place forehead against mom's chest.  Wait for ear rubs.  Snuffle pockets for treats.  


  1. Please tell me you didn;t get on after all that...

  2. Love all of Tucker's favorite moves, could have added a few farting noises to the Hover Craft move I think they find that very impressive. Thanks for the chuckle. It's only funny because I've been there.

    Merry Christmas to you and Tucker. Hope you get everything you want from Santa and I'm sure Tucker is in for some wonderful treats.

  3. Of course I got on! See above illustration for how the ride went....

  4. Of course I got on! See above illustration for how the ride went....

  5. Sounds like Tucker has some very stylish moves. :)

  6. Life is scary. Haha. Love the cartoon.

  7. Hehe, sounds like he had fun!

    And those flowers are terrifying, my horse would agree!

  8. Yup, we had a similar situation last night after I body clipped Pongo! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. Aww, precious boy does the cutest things. Auntie A is so sorry she missed that performance!

  10. Dear Tucker, I especially appreciate the Hover Craft. Way to go! Most excellent read.

    I suggest you add in the "Really? REALLY??" move:
    float 12 inches off the ground in an absolutely gorgeous trot with lift, drive and extension, neck rounded, as if on the bit. Bring's 'em to tears every time.
    (cover your ears for the wailing "why don't you do that with ME?!?")
    SO FUN.

  11. Bahaha. I feel like Tucker should have his own dance video with moves like that. He must have been so impressed with himself!


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