Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Tucker,

I know what you're thinking.  Where have I been?

Remember all that snow we had?  Remember how all the trees fell down?  Well that meant mom's house had no power.  I know you see really well in the dark, but mom not so much.  And I know you are nice and toasty warm under your Smartpak blankets, but mom needs heat.  I don't grow a winter coat (thankfully).  So I had to stay with your Uncle Mike.  He is the one with the tiny human (like a filly, with two legs), whom you haven't met yet.  You two are going to be adorable in leadline.  I know how you love children, and she will be the cutest thing ever perched up on a big tall horse like yourself.  And eventually, she will be the reason that you finally get to have your own pony.  Yes, you're right.  She needs to come and meet you.  No, I don't think we can bring you to meet her.  Although their backyard would make a lovely pasture.  We'll think about it.

And then Uncle Mike had surgery on his knee, which kept me away a little longer.  You remember when you hurt your hock?  Well this was just like that.  You know the drill.  Three days of stall rest.  Lots of medicine.  Bandage changes.  Ice and compression.  Handwalking.  Watching for signs of discomfort or colic.  You know how mom is really good at that kind of thing, and like I said, Uncle Mike has a tiny human, so another set of hands were needed.  I knew you'd understand.

But today is the day my love!  I am coming to see you!  I have been staring at your sweet face from the background of my phone (the little black thing I am usually carrying, which -- ahem -- now has teeth marks on it because you like to put in your mouth), and missing you very dearly.  So I know you have missed me too, but I will see you soon!  And I am bringing treats!


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  1. So eventful! I'm sure he'll understand, as long as there are enough cookies.


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