Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Have to Laugh...

This weekend I managed to sneak in a ride between showers on Saturday.  Because of all the ridiculous rain we've been having, Tucker's overnight turnout schedule was all screwed up last week and as a result he was a tad fresh.  He was holding it together really well in the outdoor ring on Saturday, until....
"PUMA!"  (Tucker begins spastically scrambling at a noise in the tall grass outside the ring.)
"No... that's a sparrow."  (I begin making efforts to regain control without further escalating the situation.  He is now hopping up and down, in a motion not unlike that of a confused sparrow.)
 "I am a WILD UNCONTROLLABLE STALLION!  I am galloping through a white water river to rush us to safety!  I cannot be stopped until the coast is clear!"

"No, you are a ridiculous gelding splashing around in a puddle, and you may be about to fall down.  Please stop, before you hurt yourself."
At this point, I managed to get him back to a walk that more closely resembled that of an equine, rather than, say, an injured kangaroo or a cat after a cold shower.  We continue sounding the alarm to other (non-existent) members of the herd through a series of snorts and huffs and similar high alert noises.  I pat his neck, which is now a solid coil of tense muscle.  I wait until I can no longer feel his heart beat bouncing my knees off my saddle.

The coast seemingly clear, I resumed my canter a little further down the ring and made a slow, controlled circle.  Tucker gave me a heavy sigh and came back down into the bridle. 
"Definitely a puma," he mumbled under his breath.
You have to laugh at moments like this.  They sure make it impossible to stay mad at them.


  1. Ozzy agrees with Tucker. Definitely a puma.

  2. HEHEHEHEHE I have mental pictures, but mum honest it really was a puma, if only a small one!

  3. Hilarious.
    Tucker is right, it was the dreaded Sparrow Puma...Hudson would like you to know it's possible for puddles to have tsunamis.
    Tucker knows that, of course! ;)

    If you get it, like you do with Tucker, it IS impossible to stay annoyed. You just melt and adore them.

  4. I just LOVE when Tucker's hilarious. Laz would second Tuckers Puma thought and convince us that they often hide in a sparrows clothing.

  5. I miss hearing about your adventures with Tucker. I hope things are good with you guys.

  6. Fab blog - why not come over to and post your blog for other Equine Bloggers to follow!

  7. Hope everything is ok! Hi Tucker!

  8. Hi Marissa - Just wondering where you are. Hope you and Tucker are well.

  9. You didn't see the puma hiding BEHIND the sparrow.


  10. Thank you all for checking in and apologies for my prolonged absence! We've missed you too!


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