Friday, August 5, 2011

Wunder in the Genes

Hey folks, sorry it's been a while.  For some reason we all seem to be taking it easy on the blogging this summer.  I guess when the ground is covered in snow we spend a lot more time in front of the computers (and in my case, on the couch covered in cats).

I recently did a little digging into Tucker's pedigree, thanks to a little help from a friend who owned his mom, and was able to piece together most of his bloodlines:

Do you see what I see, way back there on his Dam's side?  He's got WUNDER (and FLUEGELWUNDER!)  in his blood, no wonder he's The Wunderkind!  I am officially calling him Fluegelwunder when he's being goofy from now on, just fyi. 

Some of the reference sires in his Dad's bloodlines:

Keizer, who you know already

Cireina, Damsire (with baby Keizer!), who passed along the EARS!

Nimmerdor, KWPN Stallion of the Century

Farn (who apparently passed on his drama llama technique)



And on Mom's side, we have:

Mom - Savoire Faire (with Tucker's little sister)




I love this stuff.  Not that I am an expert in Sporthorse breeding, but I love analyzing the photos and seeing what I can pick out that was passed along.  For example, on the Sire's side, all of them (including Tucker) have the same eye, which gives them all a very similar expression.  And on the Dam's side, they all have the same uphill build, high wither, and strong shoulder (which Tucker got too, along with a beautiful, floating trot that matches his mom's). Fun stuff!


  1. Pedigrees are just so much fun! Thanks for sharing his - I don't know very much about warmblood breeding.

  2. Keizer is handsome! I've done the same thing with my horses. I love looking into their pedigrees. Its amazing to me how so many of the warmbloods relate back to the same stallions.

  3. I love doing this stuff too. I think my daughter's horse (dutch warmblood) Nate has Nimmedor in his lines too.

    I think it would be fun to call him FLUEGELWUNDER when he's being goofy!

  4. Wow, I'm amazed that you have all these photos. How did you get them? It's actually kind of cool in that genetics sort of way to see how Tucker's family looks and the ways in which he looks like them.

  5. What a great looking family!

  6. Whoa nice family tree! You can see how Tucker got built, looking at those pics.
    I have to say I LOVE fluegelwunder.
    Now Hudson wants his own Wunder name. Why do I let him read TTWK?!?


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