Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bittersweet (but Good) News...

So, my little spotted mare is sold.  It's taken me a week to blog about it, though some of you saw the news on facebook already.  I meant to tell you all earlier... I really did... but I was a little sad, and I needed a little time to stop being sad.  (Let's just say it's a good thing no one stopped in at the barn after that trailer pulled away cause there was a big bay horse with tear stains on his shoulder at the end of the aisle!)  But I'm not sad anymore so it's time to share the good news!

The last pic I took of my little girl

Julie has gone to a wonderful, wonderful home.  She's gone to Green Apple Stables in Hillsborough, NJ (yes, just down the road from me!).  I can tell from her new mom's facebook posts that she is already loved and adored, and each time I see that it makes me grin from ear to ear.  She's been gone about a week now and so far I've heard nothing but good reports, so I have a feeling Julie is very happy with her new digs. 

All settled in at her new place

The trainer at Green Apple, Kendra, is someone I've known for almost my entire horsey life.  A little backstory.  When you were a barn rat kid growing up spending every waking moment at the barn, do you remember there was that one teen-aged girl who was basically the coolest person your childhood eyes had ever come across?  She was a great rider, an incredibly nice person, everyone adored her, and your dorky little ten-year-old self followed her around like a lost puppy?  That was Kendra.  She was definitely the best rider at our barn, rode some of the trainers' top horses, was always nice to me even though I was a really, really annoying kid, and -- this was by far the coolest thing according to ten-year-old-me -- every time she rode her polos and saddle pad matched her shirt.  Guess which kid spent her babysitting money on polos and saddle pads in like ten different colors so she could do the same thing? 

Long story short, I am overjoyed to be sending Julie to a home that I know for sure is a good one.  Kendra has lots of experience with green horses and I have no doubt will do a great job helping her client bring Julie along.  It's an ideal situation for everyone, and even though I miss my little girl already, she's only a ten minute drive away.  I have to say, I feel really good about being down to one horse, now that I've gotten over my initial separation anxiety.  And really how can I be sad when I am still so fortunate and have such a fantastic guy by my side?


  1. That is a lovely facility. Makes me wish I lived in your area and had the $$ for it.

    Glad Julie found a good home, but bummed it wasn't with me. Oh well. I guess it wasn't in your best interests to ship her to ID for free so I could have her. ;-)

  2. OMG...this made me cry..Thank you soo much Marissa for all those kind words. I can't even begin to tell you what this meant to me as I was reading it..and I will never forget it. :) We love Julie.. she is great. Her new mom cantered her yesterday and she was a STAR!! Come visit anytime :)

  3. Seems like the perfect situation. I think it's wonderful that you can keep up with Julie's progress via Facebook and perhaps the occasional visit(?).

  4. What a good mom you are to make such a difficult choice. So happy Julie is close, with people you know, trust, and will love her. Win-win isn't always the easy way, that's for sure!


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