Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I disappeared, I know.

I'm a totally unreliable blogger.  You're absolutely right, all you readers who have been google searching for me and then visiting the page for a nano-second when you find it's the same stupid post that's been up for a week and a half.  I've done it to you again, haven't I?  How on earth are you poor souls supposed to make it through your work day without something mildly entertaining on the internet to read?  The least I could do is point you to something else clever on the days when I don't blog so that it's not a totally wasted click.

I could blame work... I could blame exhaustion... or maybe it's summer and I'm out enjoying the sunshine instead of sitting at my computer.  These things are partly true.  But honestly I've been sort of moping and feeling entirely too sorry for myself, for a variety of reasons that I really don't want to explain because they're basically absurd, and you'll lose all respect for me because no one should let themselves mope over such silly men things. 

I lack the ability to blog when I am focusing on what my life is lacking instead of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for, because I can't stand the thought of whining to all of you and spreading my gloom over the world wide web (if you think about it, I should keep blogging when I'm being a sad sack, because writing about my lovely, lovely horses just reminds me that life really isn't so darn bad after all and I am at the end of the day a really lucky little girl).  There is nothing like those big goofy ears or that little pink nose to remind me of that. 

Anyway, I'm done moping now (she says with confidence, and determination!) and I have two fantastic posts coming up for you:  one is about my horse show the weekend before last, where Tucker was reserve champion (!), and the other is about my fabulous lesson with Amanda Steege, from whom I learned a boat load of new stuff, and from whom felt a little honored and awed to be getting advice (and even a compliment or two for me and the Wunderkind!). 

So stay tuned.  I have good things to share!

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  1. I am glad that you are feeling better. :-) I am looking forward to your post!


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