Monday, July 25, 2011

Derby Photos

I don't have too much time today so I can't give you the full recap, but Tucker was a super star yesterday at the Derby.  For now... please check out the pictures at Ric Shaffer Photography.  (Note:  Tucker and I are not too photogenic over fences, but there are some cute ones here and there.)  I especially love Slide #46, and I am definitely buying Slide #2, and possibly a few others. 


  1. I was all like, "how will I know which plain bay horse is Tucker?"

    Then I saw his ears. You guys look great!

  2. Love 49! (Please tell me that's you an Tucker in 49! LOL) He's looking down at the barrels with an expression that says, "Good grief! What are THOSE??"

  3. I LOVE those pictures! He's got that "I love to... JUMP" kind of jump. Love it.

  4. I like 44, I think that's you two.


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