Monday, May 23, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Had a lovely day with Tucker yesterday (we cantered for the first time in two months!), not much time to blog this morning but wanted to share some pretty pictures with you:

All this rain has made the grass shoot up... it's like horse heaven out there

Munch munch munch




The girls trotted over to say hi when I pulled in and I thought they looked adorable
(that's Tucker's girlfriend in the middle, and the lovely mare that tolerated my dressage lesson on the right)


  1. He looks great for being out of his typical work routine. Love their grazing happiness right now :)

  2. The sequence of photos is so endearing, his affection for you is SO clear.
    I agree with Kristen, he looks wonderful, lots of good muscle tone, and of course he's One Handsome Devil.
    A picture story that says it all about the connection. Love it. Love it. Love it!

  3. He loves you so much <3 He looks good.

  4. I didn't know Tucker had a girlfriend! Well, handsome horse that he is, I shouldn't be surprised. ;-) Is it prom time out in the yummy grass?


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