Thursday, May 26, 2011


It appears that my blog was hacked into yesterday.  I sincerely apologize if this has alarmed anyone.  Apparently "tucker" isn't the best idea for a password.  That is one seriously verbose horse.  Who knew he had so much to say?  And where does he learn such big words?  His writing style is oddly similar to the narration of Black Beauty, I think.  I wonder if that is where he found his inspiration. 

Also, by way of more sincere apology, blogger is giving me a hard time and I can't seem to post comments on your blogs, but rest assured I am following along... and continuing to coo at your foal pictures, laugh at your jokes, commiserate with your troubles, and smile at your sweet stories....  I'm just keeping it to myself for the moment.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I try to post a comment, it redirects me to the blogger sign in screen, then tries to make me post anonymously, and then redirects me to the blogger sign in screen again, in an endless circle that concludes with me giving up.  Anyway, hopefully the problem will sort itself out and I'll be back to leaving the charming one-liners that I am quite sure my fellow bloggers all live for.  (What?  You hadn't even noticed I haven't been commenting?  Surely, you must be joking.)

Also, a bit of housekeeping.  I have been trying to come up with a "Tucker the Wunderkind Mobile Site" and thus far all efforts have failed.  The best solution I can come up with is to have a dummy wordpress blog as the "mobile site," since the one advantage I've found to wordpress is that it automatically detects a mobile device.  At the moment, I find the blog takes a million years to load on my blackberry and sometimes won't load at all.  Are people reading the blog from a mobile device?  Having any trouble with it loading?  Would it be helpful to have a mobile site or am I just being insane and neurotic? 


  1. Blogger has been having comment problems on and off for a few days now.

  2. I have not had a problem personally, but a couple of other bloggers have mentioned the same problems you are experiencing.

  3. Yeah, I can't post comments either. I just use the name/url option to post because I'm having the exact same issue you are. Also, I can read your blog from my phone, no problem, but I have a new Droid HTC phone so I don't know if that makes a difference or not :)

  4. Blogger has a mobile setting that you can turn on... I turned it on for mine, and I've only checked it a couple of times, but it seemed to work for my iphone.. I can't remember where it's buried in settings, but blogger should let you do that! :)

    Tucker has a lovely writing voice...

  5. Blogger periodically gives me heartache over commenting, and won't allow me to. I thought maybe Blogger hated WordPress, but same deal if I sign out. I couldn't comment on any Blogger blog last week. So frustrating.

    And, uh, I apologize for Hudson sending Tucker the electronics and hacking instructions. He is SO going to work that off my credit card.

    But, uh, I confess I LOVED Tucker speaking out on the blog. He cracked me up. We just have to keep the boys from talking to each other...much.

    As for loading, I usually read your blog at home, but when I have occasionally tried to read off my iPhone (so you know platform) I have had problems with loading speed. But I love your blog, so wait it out!


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