Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day One

This is going to be my own little blogging challenge of sorts... how to keep you all entertained when my week consists of grooming my horse, in his stall.  Then again, I am the proud mother of one of the goofiest horses in the world.  We can probably still keep you amused.

Tucker was actually in very good spirits when I got to the barn today.  He was very happy to see me and really enjoyed his extra long grooming session.  A guy can still look good, even if he's on stall rest, right?  He has finally decided to shed as of last week, so I got to work currying away his clipped winter coat, and I can already feel a soft, smooth spring coat working its way out.  Can't wait until our mousey brown/gray color is gone until next winter! 

So first, the cute pics.

Let's see... Pretty sure there are mints in here somewhere....

Ha! Mom's jacket!  Definitely mints in here!
(My jacket was flung through the air moments after this photo was taken)

"Somewhere out there...."
[cue Disney music]

mmmmm... salty....

The first casualty of the week. 
There were no holes in these bell boots 24 hours ago.
(These have since been removed.  I think rubber is likely harmful if swallowed.)

And now, the gross pic:

Not supposed to look like this!

And all bundled up for the night.

The End.


  1. I'm glad Willie isn't the only one who has put mouse holes in his bell boots when stallbound. I think I actually still have that pair, too.

    Poor Tucker! Heal up soon!

  2. Wow, that's an impressive level of destruction. At least you're keeping him entertained, right?

  3. How do they achieve those holes!?? I was always baffled by that too. I did catch an old gelding laying down and tugging on them once.. he looked up at me (bell boot in teeth), then went right back to shredding them.

    It's impressive....

    Tucker is so darn cute!

  4. I'm sorry he's hurt and on stall rest. But looking forward hearing about to the learning how you deal with the stall rest challenges (so hard) and the photos!

    (You may go through a lot of rubber bells to keep him entertained?)


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