Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Contest: So You Think You Know Tucker?

Let's see how loyal and devoted Tucker's fans truly are (just kidding guys... the fact that you are still reading this shows how loyal and devoted you are, but this will be fun anyway).  Can you guess who-is-who in the photos below?  As I mentioned before, a friend of mine has a new horse named Tuck, and the resemblance does not stop with their names.  They look alike, they act a like, they even ride alike... it's quite uncanny.  We are convinced that our boys must be related somehow... there are certain features that are virtually identical! 

I've randomly named the files below with letters, in no particular order, so right-clicking will do you no good -- all you Nancy Drews out there!  I think this is going to be a tough one.  These guys look so much alike that I actually had to write down which images belonged to which horse.... I can't even pick out my own child in this line up! 

I've been wanting to do something to thank you for all the support and comeraderie you've shown Tucker and me over the past couple of years... so what better way than with a blog contest?  The winner (either whoever guesses them all right, or whoever comes closest... and in the event of a tie, I will let Tucker choose...), will get a prize!  Tucker would like very much to share some of his favorite treats with the other horses out in blog land.  And believe me, he has a long list of favorite treats. 

I'll announce the answers next week, to give you a few days to ponder:

Eye #1:

Eye # 2:

Ear #1:

Ear #2:

Nose #1:

Nose #2:

Mouth #1:

Mouth #2:

Chest #1:

Chest #2:

Tail #1:

Tail #2:

Okay... post your answers in the comments, and tell me which photos are Tucker (or which ones are Tuck, if you like).  Good luck! 


  1. Here are my picks for Tucker: eye 1, ear 1, nose 2, mouth 1, chest 2, tail 2.

  2. My guesses:

    Eye#1: Tucker
    Ear#1: Tucker
    Nose#2: Tucker
    Mouth#2: Tucker
    Chest#1: Tucker
    Tail#2: Tucker

    Obviously, I chose Tuck as the other option on all those.

    Is there a prize?

  3. mine are eye 1, ear 1, mouth 2 nose 2 chest 1 and tail 1

  4. Here goes!
    Eye #!: Tucker
    Ear #2: Tucker
    Nose#1: Tucker
    Mouth#2: (hard!) Tucker
    Chest:#1 Tucker
    Tail #2: Tucker

    Crossing fingers at least some are correct.

  5. Wow. That was hard! :) I'd say Tucker is eye 1, ear 2, nose 2, mouth 1, chest 1, and tail 2.

  6. Tucker:
    Eye #1
    Ear #2
    Nose #1
    Mouth #1
    Chest #2
    Tail #1
    Wow, it's incredibe how much they look alike!!

  7. This was HARD! I even went wayyyy back into the blog to see if i could compare pictures and not much helped. here are my picks for Tucker: eye 2, ear 2, nose 1, mouth 1, chest 1, tail 2.

  8. 1-1-2-1-2-2 are my boy. Am I right???

  9. This is me.....Kathleen

  10. eye 1
    ear 1
    nose 2
    mouth 1
    chest 2
    tail 1

    Awesome contest.

  11. eye 1
    ear 2
    nose 1
    mouth 1
    chest 1
    tail 2

  12. Hmmm. Eye 1, Ear 1, Nose 2, Mouth 1, Chest 2, Tail 2. Maybe..

  13. I have no idea, I can't even pick out my own horses half the time. But it's a cute contest. Reminds me of the old Patty Duke show when I was a kid. (They look alike and act alike but they're different).

    Glad you liked my post on getting horses back in shape. It seems to work for us. Hope you and Tucker have fun.


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